Spring Break 2007!

Oooh yeah! Spring Break 2007! While, yes, someone vomited in my hotel room it wasn’t from drinking too much and while, yes, there were naked people in the hot tub it was only because Ian and Claudia didn’t have their bathing suits at their cousin’s other Grandma’s house.
It cracks me up that two year olds even get a spring break, but we’re having a great time.

We’ve still got plans to 1) Meet up with an old friend from High School (Hi Ed!), 2) Take part in a study about sharing (The Squad, not me), 3) Hopefully catch up with Bridgette (if she moves here in time) and 4) Maybe hit the aquarium.

I also tried to get in touch with Chag for a drive-by playdate but he claims he will be “out of town”.

In the meantime. I leave you with a few pictures:


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  1. Great pictures. I just love the static that slides generate. Enjoy your trip.

  2. sounds like fun (except the vomiting). Great pics!

  3. Cute pics. Your kids are adorable as usual and Zoe is becoming even prettier as she gets older! Gabriel has been known to hot tub naked as well (we go to a natural hot spring place nearby), he calls it getting butt-naked at hawt spwings! Have fun! Tell you mom I said hello.

  4. I love the picture in the slide – with the static hair!

    Actually, I just tend to love pictures in slides!

    Have a fun spring break (and no more throwing up!)…

  5. That one picture of Ian looks like he has a halo…….a black DEMON halo…

  6. I wish our park had Sno-Cones.

  7. Man! They aleady have Spring Break down at 2. What are they going to be doing at 18? We probably don’t want to know.

  8. Wonderful pictures, the Squad looks as though they’re having a great time…

    I don’t remember having spring breks when *I* was 2…

  9. I am glad you’re rockin’ the spring break! What fabulous pictures of the kids! I hope there’s more partyng in the hot tub and less vomiting.

  10. I had so much fun over my kids spring break last week, but was exhausted when it was over! Looks like you are having a great time!

  11. I wouldn’t start worrying unless they start doing jello shots off each others bellies… then you might have yourself a problem.

  12. Looks like the Goon Squad is having a lot of fun!

  13. It looks so WARM…

  14. Awesome shots. I want Claudia’s hair and Ian’s sno-cone

  15. I love Claudia fanning her farts at the other kids in that last picture.

  16. My hair looks like I went down that same slide this morning.

  17. Rainbow shave ices? I want some. Passion fruit flavor please.

  18. Do you know how badly photos of playgrounds make germ freaks cringe? They are the germ freak equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. About the only thing worse is the idea of a tub filled with plastic balls at chuck e cheeze.

  19. I love how your posts so frequently talk about vomit. It confirms my theory that some kids do and some kids don’t. One of mine is a first rate thrower-upper.

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