Top Design Dilemma

So, we’ve been watching “Top Design”.

Shut up. Bravo reality television is more addictive than heroin. I’ll probably watch the next stupid hair cutting one too. You know, the one where the commercials say lather, rinse, compete.

Anyway, like I was saying we’ve been watching “Top Design” and I have a concern. Listen, I’m no interior designer, and I don’t mean to be a dick, but honestly – how seriously can we take the aesthetic opinions of people who dress like this and then go on television?

(I just want to make it clear that I have no beef with Margaret Russell. She usually looks very nice. I just want to know how she managed to find so many different dresses that are cut exactly the same.)

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  1. I watched this last month for the first time when I was home sick for a few days. I know the ARTIST guy with the attitude, the one they so clearly chose to be the one you love to hate on this show. I’m sitting there watching it and thinking, “He seems familiar. His attitude seems familiar … Dude. I know that attitude.” Then they showed his name, and I was like, “Bingo. That’s him.” I went to school with him & published a few of his installation pieces in a little art zine that I edited in college. He’s the one I was talking about at the end of this post (which – in a strange coincidence – I wrote two weeks BEFORE seeing him on TV). Isn’t that just how life works? You don’t think about someone for a dozen years, then he pops into your mind one day so you write an e-mail about him to some friends, and two weeks later you see him on TV.

  2. The Go Fug Yourself girls are always ragging on her.

  3. heehee i watch these shows too…they are strangely addictive. actually i think project runway is valid- tim gunn is amazing. but….you’re right. these designers dress way crazy!!!! it’s all in the editing.

  4. I went from Heroin to Top Design. Methadone seemed so yesterday.

  5. At this point I tune in every week just to see what Kelly Wearstler has done to her hair.

  6. I guess this would be better then watching Rosie O’Donnell

  7. Really, watching Top Design and NOT posting pictures of your Hello Kitty guitar. Interesting indeed.

  8. I confess I don’t “get” Top Design although I’m a huge fan of Top Chef and a reluctant fan of Project Runway (They’re coming back when?).

    Everytime I see Top Design, most of the results look like the set of a low-budget theatre company.

    I’m seriously afraid that I’ll find myself watching Top Hair, or whatever it’s called, simply because Jacklyn Smith was the Angel I always wanted to be!

  9. I watch Kathy Griffin’s Life On the D-List, but I can’t bring myself to watch any of the others. I love watching Hell’s Kitchen, but I can’t seem to bring myself to watch Top Chef.
    And the Real Housewives scare the piss out of me.

  10. Bravo reality IS heroine! But why? CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING! I don’t know if I can last until the next season of Project Runway! There aren’t even any reruns on right now! :O

  11. I watched Top Design this weekend, and the clothes the judges wore killed me. And whats with that horrid red lipstick the one was wearing??? Ugh.

  12. Top Design is addictive, but the judges drive me crazy. They really are an odd bunch!

  13. i’m so pissed at brava, because i know i’m going to end up getting sucked into the hair show. and seriously? how much self respect can one maintain when one is addicted to a show about hair-cutting?

  14. bravo, that is.

  15. See you later, Decorator? Come on.

    That being said… it’s a train wreck and I can’t turn away.

  16. Tell me, why oh why is the “catchy goodbye” on this show “See you later decorator!”?????

    It is so not appropriate.

  17. Oh my gawd! This has been my dirty little secret! I watch top design too! And I am looking forward to the hairdressers! I thought I was all alone…

  18. I don’t miss an episode. And my kids fight over watching it (thankfully there are multitudes of reruns at an hour they’re awake).

    What about the apres-shower towel-thing that Kelly (is it Kelly? I have such difficulty with their names, after knowing the Top Chef judges like they were family) had on last week? So how is it they are qualified to judge interior design if they can’t dress themselves? (and the contestants wear the same.thing.every.week)

  19. I watch it, too, even though I could really care less. I was very sad when Goil left, though, because I liked him and thought he was very original. But in need of a tiny bit of medication, perhaps. But yay it is over tonight and yet I will miss Kelly’s crazy hair and Jonathan’s strange ties.

    But what I think is just far too interesting is Work Out! Lesbians! Everywhere! Crazy California World where everyone is very skinny! I keep thinking Jackie would love to get me into her Sky Lab program.

  20. I am so looking forward to the next Project Runway. So addicted to all those damn shows.

    See you later, decorator. Sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that.

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