Randomness Part 72

My favorite Motorhead song – The Ace of Spades, but different. (Thanks Gabe.)

For the kids: Gangsta Rap Coloring Book


Go visit Claudia’s modeling gig. I wonder if this means I can call myself a fashion photographer? Either way, if you want anything in from Dolca USA if you use the code SATGS Michelle will give you a discount.

Why did my dish soap turn this color? Gabe thinks that someone may have peed in it, but I swear it wasn’t me and neither of our children have reached the level of skill necessary to pee in a bottle.

On Wednesday make sure you go tell Devra happy birthday.

Yes, Lance. I realize I was able to take a picture of my dish washing liquid and post it and not able to get a nearby adult to take a picture of me playing my Hello Kitty guitar, but I assure you I am working on it.

Can a two year old get PMS? If not, Claudia is just in a really bad mood.

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  1. “Can a two year old get PMS?”

    Yes! Yes! Oh good God YES!

  2. Uh, what Kemp said :-)

  3. Ummm what Kemp and Samanth Jo Said :)

    I have PROOF! :)

  4. And it gets worse as they get older…

  5. Two year olds get something. And I’d tell you it keeps coming back over teh years but you might hate me then so I won’t.

    The coloring book…that’s pretty hip.

  6. Is that the Dawn odor eraser stuff? Mine just turned that same color too and I was wondering who pissed in the bottle!

  7. Maybe Claudia is angry that someone peed in your dish soap. Would that mean she’s doubly pissed off?

  8. Claudia’s a model! Cool!

    Has she stopped eating yet?

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