Having Girls is Overrated

Claudia was giving me a hard time this morning, telling me why I wasn’t allowed to use any of the paper in the house. I’m not sure what her deal was, except I know she likes to boss me around.

We’re supposed to go play with some other kids this afternoon, and I was getting worried that she was going to antagonize them. So we had this conversation:

Me: Claudia, if we go play with Lumpyhead and Lula are you going to be sweet or are you going to act like a jerkwad?

Claudia: (with a completely straight face) A jerkwad.

Greaaaaaat. This should be a fun day.

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  1. At least she’s being honest.

  2. Yup! It’s so GREAT when they learn sarcasm!

  3. Kids are brutally honest, eh? At least you know what to expect today!! LOL

  4. Niiiiiiicce! Have fun!lol

  5. um, at least she’s honest! :)

    The pluses of having 3 girls here usually outweigh the minuses. Usually.

    Hope today goes better than expected!

  6. Oh….so this is what I have to look forward to…yeah me!!! Boys are SOOO much easier. The princess has my attitude, so we are in for a GREAT treat!!!

  7. Sorry, but I almost peed my pants laughing. If it helps, I asked Alex this morning if he was going to be good for Daddy and he said “No mommie.” That’s why I love him more. I mean the same. I said the same!

  8. Hahaha! What a cutie!

  9. Well you asked and she told you…that’s something

  10. You can’t really be so mad…she told you the truth.

  11. I am telling you it must be their birth-month or something, Claudia and my son are meant for each other. They would probably kill one another actually. Gabriel does the EXACT same thing, I think he pms’ too or something. He likes to tell nice old ladies at the grocery store who compliment him to “GO AWAY!”. Then tonight he got yelled at for playing with the printer and he uttered with complete seriousness- DAMMIT! Ah the joys of 2 year olds. Please tell me it gets better, please…….

  12. Yeah – having girls is good – having girl twins is better. Mine can barely talk and already talk back.
    “give me a kiss” – “no – hahahahaha”

  13. You can’t say she didn’t warn you.

    Like my 3 year old nephew. He used to always go over to the dog bowl filled with water and dump it on the floor. His mom would tell him why that was bad, make him apologize, and ask, “Now. are you going to stop doing this?” and he’d say “No.” And of course he’d keep doing it.

    I laughed because I’m not his mom because damn, that is funny.

  14. i swear i’ve had the exact same conversation with my niece…except, instead of ‘jerkwad,’ i asked her if she was going to be a poo-stain.
    oh…and her name is claudia, too.


  15. At least you know where you stand – not that that is any consolation. My daughter is two going on 20 so I sympathise!

  16. Yup. I have that kid too.

  17. Claudia should meet my Luke, then they could be ugly to one another!

  18. You gotta love a girl with a plan.

  19. I think I know where she gets THAT……..

  20. Cute one Ms. Claudia, :), I am sure you are gratful for the honesty lol.

  21. All my friends with boys try to act like they’ve got it so bad, ‘Oh, you pay later when they’re teenagers, but we pay NOW when they’re crazy, wild boys.’

    Yeah, right. We mothers of girls pay all the F-ing time.

  22. I’m pretty sure I know where she gets that and I think Gidge will agree with me when I say, “Like Mother, Like Daughter.”

  23. oh but sarah, doing her hair, painting her nails, talking about sweet emotional girl talk…come on, don’t you love it???

  24. If only everyone was so honest and helped us set realistic expectations! Hope the day was better than you expected!

  25. Cutest. Respsonse. Ever!

  26. at least she didn’t call him a gaywad. Which is what I would have used at her age. and my age, more than likely.

  27. My fave is when you set up a playdate and then they declare that they now HATE that kid!

  28. At least she’s honest so you know what you are in for.

  29. She would have been my best friend in preschool.

  30. Your Mother says:

    It is a family thing – remember Cyrus – are you going to be nice or you going to be difficult? “I’m going to be difficult!!!” And Claudia was really little when she met Cyrus so I don’t think they even discussed it.

  31. soooooo glad to not be the only one with a fille fatale in the house. cripes they are a treat and a half.

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