A Mere 27 Hours Later

Only 27 hours later, my power has finally come back on. Stupid nor’easter. That will teach me to buy a house in a neighborhood just because it has nice big trees.flashlight

I am completely worthless without electricity. The kids and I colored, then read some books and then we got bored. I took them to the library where Ian threw up. (This was before I realized they both had ear infections, and yes, for those of you keeping score at home that means Ian puked at the library yesterday and Claudia puked in my bed in the complete blackness that was last night. I still haven’t decided which of these was worse. I’m pretty sure the librarians would say the first one.) We cam home, read the new books then promptly retreated to my in-laws house where we were warm and well fed.

I read the book The Road (Hey! I just read that it won the Pulitzer. Way to go McCarthy) recently and these two things really have me thinking. If I was left in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter type scenario with my children we would probably all die within the first week. I’m not even sure we could survive regular old camping without Gabe (or at least Gabe’s parents).

Thanks Volta or Edison or Ben Franklin or Tesla or Thales of Miletus or whoever is responsible for me having electricity. No thanks to you Mother Nature. Stupid nature.

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  1. Glad you survived! I would totally steal internet from my neighbors too! Hope the kids are feeling better soon!

  2. sounds pretty icky! sorry… and glad things are looking brighter at least :)

    If it helps… the baby and I both have a stomach flu and have been sick since saturday nite!

  3. I just realized that 65% of the time I come to your blog, there’s post about puke. I’m going to change your header again if those two kids don’t learn to control themselves.

    (Don’t you wish)

    Hope the lil’ rascals are feeling better!

    Stupid nature indeed – we get a warm day, then snow, over and over. It’s like Groundhog Week or some shit.

  4. We’re using crank flashlights for reading at night, which means you have to crank for 1 minute, to get about 25 minutes of reading time. I have not yet cranked them so much that I had to puke from exhaustion.

  5. I am totally unprotected from mother nature! I better stock up on cans of beans and baby food!

  6. Oh I would totally die in a nuclear winter type scenario. I’m useless when it comes to the whole surviving without electricity and whatnot.

  7. I would have never made it back in the Little House on the Prairie days. God help me!!!! I pray we don’t loose electricity – ever – we have one flashlight.

  8. I just finished that book too, and was like what, no hairdryers? Now that’s the apocalypse.

    (Which ha ha, you’ve seen my hair.)

  9. Oh, man. I’m so sorry. I hope things are better and that there is no puke involved tonite.

  10. We were without power here in the OBX for about day… but this place is Hurricane Central and I own a Honda Portable generator.

  11. Poor kids- poor YOU!- I hope the barfing is over.

    We have gotten over 10 inches of rain in 3 days. We were, at times a mere 3 or 4 degrees from that rain becoming snow (we had rainy snow/snowy rain on and off). Thankfully, we had only sputtering power outages. We did lose internet for 2 days… and that was really crappy. Because you know what you don’t have without internet? Surprisingly, I’m not talking about blogs, I’m talking about IMDB which is the largest cohesive force in the universe. I had phantom limb syndrome watching AMC’s Saturday Night Fever marathon on Sunday.
    me: Oh my god! Travolta’s friend, that’s the guy on Mad About You!
    hubs: no way
    me: way…and the DJ- I SWEAR that’s Ron Jeremy
    hubs: no- it’s some generic skeezy 70’s guy
    me: no it’s Ron Jeremy
    hubs: no it isn’t
    me: are we going to fight like this all night just because IMDB is down?
    hubs: yes

  12. That totally sucks! At least you had some place (in-laws) where you could go hang out and be warm for awhile. Hope the kiddos are feeling better today.

  13. A friend of mine is an EMT and responded to a call at a guys hoouse. he was naked, and he lost his flashlight. well, he claimed the power went out, and he slipped and landed on it, and yeah. *shudder*

    THe x-rays were hilarious, though.

  14. Glad your power is back on. I hope the kids are feeling better. I think it is much worse to have vomit in your bed than it is to have it anywhere else, but that is just me. I barely survive camping in an RV there’s no way in hell I would survive a nuclear winter.

  15. I thought I was the only one with kids who puked in my bed! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Whenever my older daughter gets an ear infection, it always starts with puke, and it’s always so much fun.

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