Randomness Part 73

– Beau says that this is a real crock.

– Would you like to see a creepy potty training video?

– Warning, geekiness ahead: I am having problems with my Palm Pilot. After Ian spilled water on the last one, I bought one on eBay. Well, it is kind of messed up and now I want a new one. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap NEW Palm M515?

– My neighbors have a son that goes to Virginia Tech. He is an engineering student. The mom doesn’t speak English very well and I am scared to go ask her if her son is okay.

– Karen says I write about vomit about 65% of the time. I’d say that sounds about right. If the stats she sent me are correct Ian has thrown up more times today than Troll-Baby has puked in his entire life. Her house must smell so much better than mine.

– Here is a new feature: If you can guess when, where and why I took this picture you will win a prize.ravens fancy towel

The person who has the closest guess will win something. Most likely a cd of some sort. Possibly something cooler.

If any of my past contests are any clue as to how this will go, the winner will be notified within the week, and will receive her/his prize in four to six months.

I suck at mailing things.

– That is all for now.

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  1. When: Nov. 5, 2006
    Where: Baltimore?
    Why: Umm … because you could? Because it was cool? Because you were there? Because it kinda looks like it spells beer?

  2. You didn’t ask if we could guess WHAT it is. So … what IS it? It looks like a stack of napkins. Or towels. Don’t tell me you found these in a bathroom.

  3. I give…. let’s say it’s the most expensive towel you’ve used to clean up emesis(proper medical term for barf)? I’m canadian and have never heard of ravens. Looks shnazzy though.

  4. Barf is a big part of life when you have twins….

    Is it a picture napkin from the Casino at Monte Carlo, taken on your last trip there?

  5. I think you should at least try to ask about your neighbors son, I’m sure she’ll be glad you cared enough to ask.

    All I can say about your picture is it’s definatley a B’more Ravens thingie. Whatever it is..

  6. I would trade more puke if I didn’t have to contend with FIVE poopy diapers, EVERY DAMN DAY.

    Plus we have Ruffy, the farting dog, so no, I’m sure my house smells like ass. Like, 85% the time.

  7. For sure in November when you were in the executive suite in Baltimore. I’m guessing that these are the handtowels in the super swanky bathroom and you took it because you carry your camera everywhere, including to the potty.

  8. Dammit, MAW beat me.

    My second guess was that it was at a bar on the club level of the stadium.

    [shakes fist at Senate side]

  9. Where: Raven Stadium (M&T Bank Stadium)
    When: Previous football season, at a game
    Why: Because it is the funniest toilet paper/paper holder you’ve ever seen.

  10. Looks like a lunch box. An ugly lunch box.

  11. not sure about when or why…but it looks like a soap dish or towel rack maybe….pertainitg to the baltimore ravens

  12. TP for the Ravens/Bucs game cause, duh, you like the Bucs

  13. that is a lucite guest towel holder sitting on a counter. The guest towels, in this case made out of nice quality paper, are Baltimore Raven’s regalia. Most likely the pic was taken in the potty adjacent to your box seat. You took the picture on the day I wasn’t able to attend the game with you and you took the picture because you are taunting me.

  14. taken in the washroom of a sports game just a little while ago? a month ago perhaps? I really don’t know but I must know soon….

  15. I just recently started reading your blog, so I am not aware of you being a football fan. However it looks like a fancy paper napkin with the Baltimore Ravens Logo on it. I think it must have been taken either in a restaurant near the stadium or in a box seat. Why, because it look cool. When, November 5, 2006.

  16. Ask! She’ll appreciate that you care enough to ask!

    And I have no idea about the picture.

  17. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Being a life-long Browns fan, I sincerely hope that’s Baltimore Raven-brand toilet paper in a truckstop outside of Cleveland. Even if it’s not, please tell me it is.

  18. When: November
    Where: In Balitmore
    Why: Because you’re a closet Ravens fan.

  19. My guess is that this is luxury bathroom stuff at the Ravens stadium. You had an attendant in said restroom, didn’t you? Did you at least tip her?

  20. I think it’s a Ravens bowling towel. Because apparently you need a towel while bowling (ok, I don’t bowl-but I’m told you need a bowling towel-WHY)??

    And BOY, do I have the barf bag for you:

    By the way, you don’t know me…but my name is also Sarah and I read your blog all the time. Thanks for making me laugh.

  21. It’s a Baltimore Ravens barf bag!

  22. This contest thing has clearly distracted people from the all important potty video. Why can’t we have potty videos like that in the US? I feel deprived.

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