Some Closure: Answer to a Burning Question

Well, we have an answer to the “Am I a hipster parent or a huge dork?” question. Thanks to Mike from Cry it Out and Google. If you do a Google or Blingo search (come on, do a Blingo search. I haven’t bothered you guys about this in a long time, and now Gabe’s iPod is dying. Can somebody please win me $1000?) and search “parent dork” I come up number one.


Do you need proof that I am the number one dork? I saw this picture on Cheeky’s Hideaway this morning and I have been racking my brain to think of a way to use it on my site. Problem solved:KISS makeup Halloween

At least I have closure.

And you get to see this lovely picture. Clearly, this is not the real KISS. I don’t really know who these guys are (if you are one of them feel free to confess) but the fact that are wearing suits and KISS makeup really made me laugh. So there you go – I really am the number one dorky parent and I’m learning to be at peace with this. I order documentaries on Netflix too, so it must be true.

Yeah, so maybe it wasn’t a burning question so much as a regular question. Perhaps you even knew that I was dorky anyway, but I got to post the KISS picture so I am happy.

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  1. Kiss = dork?? Crap. I’ve seen Kiss in concert. I must be a dork, too. and I have my own Gene Simmons wannabe:

  2. You are still way cooler than I am, although I’m a huge dork, so that isn’t saying much.

  3. So much better to be dorky, I think. Less pressure. Being cool and hip is a lot of work. You have to know trends and stay on top of or ahead of them. I resign myself to dorkiness and that way all I have to do is go my own way and march to the beat of my own drummer. :)

  4. Last week, I had an electrical engineer tell me that “we” (chemical engineers) are the “geeks of engineering”. Nice. Nothing like being pointed at and called a geek by another geek.

    I resign myself to dorkiness as well, seems I have no choice. Also, I agree w/Julie. Lets face it. I am SO not keeping up with high fashion. Not. My. Thing.
    Electronic goodies? – well, what can I say, I am a dork.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, you are my favorite parent dork.

  6. De in D.C. says:

    Well technically, isn’t watching documentaries (especially if they have an environmental persuasion) trendy? So wouldn’t that, by default, chalk one up to the hipster category?

  7. OMG! You are the first one! haha

  8. Can’t you be both?????

  9. dorkie mom is okay…..
    gosh you’re cooler than your mom….right?
    that’s all you gotta shoot for.

  10. Too funny…

  11. You’re just now realizing you’re a dork? Sheesh!
    Laughing that you’re the first one. Hope my registering gives you some wins. Are you sharing the prize?

  12. That Peter Criss makeup is all wrong. For shame.

  13. Lol. I feel like a dork most of the time especially when my husband (10 yrs younger) plays music I’ve never heard of! Plus makes me feel old……….. ha

  14. In the words of that cultural gem, Huey Lewis…”It’s hip to be square”

    Jesus God Almighty! If someone had told me 20 years ago that someday I’d be saying it’s better to be a dork because trying too hard to remain cool isn’t cool anyway, I would have threatened to beat their lying ass!

    (I did your Blingo search. Is that all I need to do? Because if you win that $1000 your buying the drinks at BlogHer, right?)

  15. I am SO glad to hear that there are other people out there that order documentaries from Netflix! I think we should consider ourselves quite hip indeed.
    And given that I have a teenage daughter, I actually know most of the cool, new music as well. Guilt by association, but it is still impressive amongst my circle of friends. So I will agree with the others and ask, “why can’t you be both?”

  16. I went to a KISS concert and it was hilarious. In the middle of the concert, I had to use the bathroom. There is a guy in full KISS costume on his cell phone singing Barney’s “I Love You” song to his kid to help him get to sleep. With KISS, you never have to grow up . . . until your kids won’t go to bed.

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