They Think They Own the Store

twins shopping

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  1. I was expecting a shot of the wine store…

    Also, do you force them to hold hands because it is so freaking cute, or do they just do it because freaking cuteness comes so naturally to them?

  2. Oh, please don’t tell me your grooming them to become Walmart greeters. As a parent your supposed to have higher expectations for them. Do I need to report you?

  3. You have cute kids. And a saucy-ass daughter.

  4. I’m wondering about the holding hands thing, too…the only way I can get my kids to do that is to bribe them (usually with M&Ms). Am I missing something?

  5. Oh. they soooo own that store.

    beautiful children. really. beautiful.

  6. Hey, they’re behaving in a store! Congrats.

  7. Holding hands. No. I would bet money the kids are glued to each other.

  8. I love that they are holding hands! My twins always seem to be touching each other, even if they are unaware of it. When they sit at the table for dinner, their legs are usually touching. I wonder at what point this will become a problem at school for mine. Already my son has a friend that senses their bond and is jealous. He tries to chase my daughter away from my son. So far, it is all in good fun but I wonder if/when it might be a problem.

  9. Too frickin’ cute. What time were you in that store that it was so empty like that? Because I need to shop with my 3 at that time of day.

  10. That Claudia sure is sparkly. She’s got a personality like her Mama and it shows in her photos! And Ian? Could he be any more adorable?

  11. What adorable children you have. They are simply precious.

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