Randomness Part 75

If you ever want to get people all riled up, just bring up the subject of breastfeeding in public. (You’ve got to read the comments, things get out of control.)

Just as I suspected. I am now addicted to Shear Genius, even though it is pretty stupid. Why does Bravo reality television have such power over me?

Here is a video for all of you twin parents out there. (Thanks Karen)

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  1. Loved the video

  2. You just like getting people’s panties in a bunch, don’t cha?

  3. Face it Sarah, we are Bravo’s bitches.

  4. Ummmm, I find the breast feeding a ummm well inconvience…. I paid tooo much money for my “enhancements to have (not that I had to worry about it) them sucked dry…. That’s just me though…haha.. I don’t have a problem with others doing it. It after all is natural.


  5. MathleteSarah says:

    If your baby or babies are hungry then they should be fed. If that is via the breast and your in public then go for it.

  6. I’m with MathleteSarah! If the baby has to eat, then the baby should eat.

  7. I have done it in public. I sat at dinner and nursed my princess. Babies are hungry when they are hungry. I think that anyonw who has a problem with nursing in public has other issues as well. But….that’s just me!!!

  8. I’ll have you know I was going to just check your blog quick and go to bed. You sucked me in to reading all those comments. :)
    After giving birth, for me nursing is so unsexy I could do it in a department store window and not care who looked. However, I don’t usually do it in public because of other people who apparently get WAY creeped out by it. Good grief.

  9. I love ALL reality shows..>Especially the Bravo ones!

  10. For me, once I nursed the twins in front of my father and father-in-law everybody else was fair game.

    I’m really not that modest to begin with.

  11. I nursed my baby in a booth at a truck stop. It was too fucking cold to sit in the car.

    And really, way to bring all the psychos out of the woodwork. I especially like the comparison of breastfeeding in public to changing your tampon in public.

  12. See, all you have to do is *mention* a debate, and you can get a brand new one! The miracle of the internet, controversial topics, and flame wars. :-)

    Thankfully I haven’t started the crack addict that is Shear Genius, though now I might… considering how Project Runway went for me, this could get ugly.

  13. You knew I’d post something…working on it now. Man…trying really hard not to go too crazy.

    Too late.

  14. I’m doing my “stirring up trouble” dance over here.

    Stir. Stir. Stir.

    I love a good breastfeeding fight. It usually draws the bottom feeders out from under their rocks.

    btw, I just tagged you for a meme.


  15. Curse that Bravo! I hate them. No, I love them! AARRGGHH!!

    And Project Runway doesn’t start again until the fall!

  16. I nursed anywhere and everywhere. At one point the running joke in our playgroup was “Who HASN’T seen Sara’s boobs?” 😉

  17. Hi there… I tagged you. Go and read about it on my blog and play along. Thanks!

  18. I’m sorry, but anything breast related in public is universally acceptable (in my world at least). And that’s all I have to say about that.

  19. I don’t see what the big deal is about breastfeeding. Some people have way too much time on their hands, apparently. They’re just BREASTS, people.

  20. Ok, I’ve posted. And yes, there is boobage

  21. The public/not in public debate just doesn’t get me all worked up (personally, I’m a “whatever, people” kinda person when it comes to this issue), but HOLY COW people can be so mean and rude to each other!!!

  22. Read the strolleyderby board.

    I think it is a great photo. Period. She is looking at the baby with such love.

    I gotta say it is nice to see someone famous breastfeeding, not just “saying” they breastfed (while running out their doors leaving the kids with a nanny and a bottle of formula). I personally breastfed and formula fed and had problems breastfeeding in public (LittleMan is an enthsiastic eater) so I bottle fed outside the house. I am jelous I couldn’t just do what maggie here is doing!

  23. Jessica says:

    I love this debate and when every I see it i am inclined to share my own story. I was nursing my son in a resturaunt he was covered by a blanket and the other 8 or so people at the table didnt mind. An older lady came up to me and very snottily (is that a word?) said “why dont you go do THAT in the bathroom” Every one at the table piped up to tell her how rude she was. I replied by telling her “I would gladly feed my son in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet if she agreed to bring her breakfast into the bathroom and eat it off of the toilet as well”
    She looked incredibly insulted and complained to the owner of the resuraunt…who happens to be a friend of mine and defended my actions.
    Justice for Nursing Mother

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