Cell Phone Picture Extravaganza: Your Photos

You people crack me up. I asked for pictures from your cell phones and you came through.

Tammy had so many she had to do her own post. You have to go look, I don’t want to give away too much, but it includes what appears to be a firetruck that says something very inaprropriate.

Mr. Big Dubya is a man after my own heart. He sent me a picture of beer.

beer Guiness

You are going to have to read the post associated with the picture the Uncaring Bear took in a bathroom at a restaurant. Very disturbing stuff.

Beau calls his picture “19 minutes”:

19 minutes

Nonlineargirl posted hers too.

Suburban Oblivian sent me a photo called “It’s Good to Be the King”:

Good to be king

You can see these and all the rest of them in my Cell Phone Picture Extravaganza set over on Flickr. Feel free to send me more of these. I’ll keep adding them as we go.

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  1. I’m a loser….no camera on my cellphone. I’m old school, stuck in like 2003 or something.

  2. Fine, no problem, Bossy will just be standing over here with the other losers without a camera cell phone.

  3. Makes me wish I had a camera phone. The pictures are great.

  4. Why you gotta mock those of us with no cell phone camera?

  5. Damn blackberry! I’ve never missed my cell phone camera so much.

  6. I love the last one!!! Classic.

  7. It’s good to be king is right!

    damn, that made me shoot my morning soda out my nose. I wish I hadnt recently deleted all my cell phone pictures in a moment of drunken stupidity.

  8. I am LOL at the last shot, wont’t be purchasing this one for the kids.

  9. OK, I need your email addy because I have a great one for ya–it’s a companion shot to the barbie-and-ken one. I call it “Girls Gone Wild Barbie.”

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