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I carry my camera with me almost everywhere. So why don’t I have one single picture from our dinner last night at Chris and Beth’s house? (I know I should list them in alphabetical order or put Beth first because I knew her first, but I still have trouble with making things that end in a “s” possessive.)

Because the kids were playing so nicely that we actually got to talk. Like grown ups. I’n not kidding. We talked about books and movies and music and all of the things I used to talk about before The Goon Squad was born.

It was really nice. Even though we’ve met a lot of really great people since we moved up here it is always so cool to make friends with a new couple. It is that comfortable dynamic where everyone just gets along with everyone else. It is also really nice to be able to talk about kids and not talk about kids with the same people. Does that make any sense?

They don’t mind me changing Ian’s poopy diaper on their very expensive area rug, and hermaphrodite midget porn only came up in conversation once. Well, maybe twice, but that was it. At least as far as I remember. There was yummy lasagne and wine too. I’d love to blame the hermaphrodite midget porn thing on the wine, but Chris doesn’t drink so really we have no excuse for that. And even though Ian knocked Mia down and made her cry and Claudia dumped an entire bowl of pasta on their floor, I still think they want to hang out with us again.


I still wish I had taken at least one picture.

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  1. lasagne, poopy diapers and midget hermaphrodite porn? Where do you live, the Dupont Italian Kitchen?

  2. midget porn always makes for good dinner conversation. I never put any thought into the hermaphrodite ones though.

  3. It’s like we had the same weekend. Except we talked about donkey shows and sex toys with our grown-up friends who also have a kid who plays nicely with our kid. And substitute tequila for the wine, tacos for the lasagna.

  4. I am crazy jealous.
    I am going to have to become baptist to make friends here I swear to god.

  5. Adult conversation. With the twins in the room. That will be the day…
    (and the topics sound completely reasonable, no idea why you are defensive about them)

  6. Midget porn comes up surprisingly often when Chris is around. And to be fair, Mia only cried for 14 seconds and then was giggling madly, and she dumped her pasta on the floor long before Claudia did it.

  7. Sounds like fun! I am jealous!

  8. I have no excuse for the midget porn. To be fair, I’d never lumped hermaphrodites into the mix though. You guys are a bad influence on me. Not that I’m complaining.

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    When something ends in an ‘s’, just put an apostrophe after that ‘s’ to form the possessive. You’re welcome.

    Also, three cheers for hermaphrodite midget porn. Hip hip…

    Also also, you’re website causes my machine to freeze for a few seconds while attempting to load the flash thingy where your boy commits laser-based ocular fratricide. What kind of death-virus are you loading onto my machine in the background and can you show me how to do it to others?

  10. What kind of wine did you drink?

  11. Sounds like a great time! I need a grown-up day out!

  12. That’s it. As soon as we get some lawn furniture you are coming over with Gabe and the Squad for a barbeque thing.

    I am feeling like a bad host since I lived here first and then you moved here.

    gonna have to remedy that.

  13. Holy crap, talk? Wow.

  14. Dude. I ACHE for cool couple friends. The four of you are entirely too lucky. Am jealous.

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