Randomness Part 77

I know it isn’t nice to make fun of people that are really, really, really high, but this clip over on The Zero Boss is pretty funny.

Speaking of funny, The Kaiser sent me this headline – “Man Suspected of Killing Prostitute With a Hoe”. Hoe with an “e” mind you.

Does your regular swimwear show too much skin? You can always try this instead. Wearing this stuff is way more embarrassing than being fat. (Thanks Mark.)mystery movie

And because these get boring without pictures I am thinking of starting a new thing. I call it: Name that Movie.

So what are you waiting for? Name the movie.

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  1. totally effing hysterical!!!! I love the modest swimwear. I like the skirted swimwear. Did you see that they have the pink ones back in stock…I love pink!!
    I also love the pictures of Kaiser…totally not what I imagined him to look like. And I have no idea what the namr of that movie is, but I have totally seen it!!

  2. Yikes! Is that swimwear for the Amish?

    My movie guess: Leprechaun 4

  3. OMG. I’d rather wear a plastic garbage bag. LOL

    For some reason I have The Big Lebowski in my head, but I’m probably WAY off.

  4. I usually only play Name the Porn Movie. My favorites are Glad He Ate Her, Teabagger Vance, and Inspect her gadget.

  5. ckirby50 says:

    I personally love the “Slimming” line. Because you need to look slimmer in a garbage bag.

  6. Wow those swimsuits are different. Well at least the modest now have options. I have no idea what the movie is.

  7. I was on the river this past weekend and actually saw a couple of cases where that swimwear would’ve been beneficial.

  8. Denis Farina from “Snatch”, the sequel to “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”

    I know… I’m pathetic…

  9. A ho killed with a hoe?

  10. Kemp is good. I fully expected Warren to own this one.

  11. I would’ve gotten it but I WAS AT WORK.

  12. I bet those same swimsuit people are disgusted that Jesus was only wearing a loincloth on the cross.

  13. It’s just wrong that I can’t check blogs now as often as I could when I was at work. I would have been wrong, anyway.

  14. OMG. I’m sure the swim wear is a SNL skit! Tell me it’s not real…. ha ha ha. too funny. Rony

  15. That hoe thing totally counts as irony, right? Tee hee hee…just call me Alanis

  16. Modest swimwear. Classic.

    What beach can you find those outfits? Not Miami that’s for sure.

    DO you think he killed the ho with the hoe on purpose?

  17. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ I think.

    As for the swimwear, hott. Two ‘t’s.

  18. What do you mean it’s not nice to make fun of people that are really, really high? Why didn’t anyone tell me that in college?

    (I would’ve guess Lock Stock, etc for the movie too. Somehow, I’d forgotten all about Snatch.)

  19. I really thought it was Jay Leno, but I didn’t know of him being an actor. Clearly, I was confused. And the swimsuits? Now those are classic.

  20. Oh, the irony of the ho/hoe story…

  21. I can’t see the damn picture…full size please.

  22. I totally knew that was Snatch (I just watched that movie Sunday), but I was traveling today and didn’t see it yesterday what with all the packing.

    I love the irony of the attempted ho hoing.

  23. Ashburn Mark says:

    Is that Christopher Walken from Pulp Fiction? Great scene where he brings his Army buddy’s son his father’s wrist watch? I won’t elaborate on where he hid it from the enemy in the war. If that’s right – wow, man, I really need to find a hobby.

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