You Type Something ONE TIME and Look What Happens

hermaphrodite midget porn search

I tried to make it big enough to read but I suck at computers. Still, it says what you think it does.

I am the number one hit on Google for “hermaphrodite midget porn”.

I blame Chris.

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  1. Well I suppose the more we type hermaphrodite midget porn the more you are likely to STAY at the top. So keep that in mind next time you want to type hermaphrodite midget porn, you might be better off not typing hermaphrodite midget porn. Or you’ll stay at the top of the search results for hermaphrodite midget porn.

  2. I can’t believe there’s a #2 hit for hermaphrodite midget porn. But I guess I’m a prude that way.

  3. Who would search for that to begin with??????? Sicko’s!

  4. And why wouldn’t you be? tee hee….

  5. Put it in parentheses and you’re #’s 1 AND 2!!!

  6. I know how that goes…

  7. Did you see the Weingarten column in the Sunday Post about the Googlenope? I guess I’m a little worried that hermaphrodite midget porn wasn’t a googlenope before you typed it.

  8. oh man, that’s so wrong.

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Since this is the case, don’t you think you should start providing the content for which the masses yearn? It’s a niche market, so I think you could corner it pretty quickly with a little effort.

  10. hermaphrodite midget porn – just trying to keep you on top. (of the google search, wadda think I meant?)

  11. I wonder if people are searching solely for Hermaphrodite Midget Porn movies or if they are looking for HMP magazines and whatnot.

    Truth be told? I don’t really give a rat’s ass, I was just looking for a way to use the word “whatnot.”

  12. Shit like that is usually my fault.

  13. What Is this? I was relly excited but now I’m losing it. Maybe another viagra will do. You don’t know how hard it is to find new material when you’re single and addicted to viagra. And just when you think you have found another avenue to take, it’s somebody’s cruel joke. I want my Hermaphrodite midget porn now. You bastards.

  14. im just curious

  15. james rigney says:

    YOu know, I really do feel sorry for all you small minded redneck small town fucks who dont have the appreciation for hermaphrodite midget porn… for me, just writing this comment is enough to make me go to the public toilets across the street and have one off for every man and woman alive on planet earth. When I found the opportunity to digress and express my passion for the aforementioned subject matter…. I now know there is a God!!!!!!

  16. Shawn Wright says:

    knowing that there are hermaphredite midgets even out there has changed my life!You may not understand why but ANYONE who knows me will!! Love it!!

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