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What are you doing on Sunday?

What am I doing on Sunday? I’m flying to Florida with The Goon Squad. Just the three of us. Just me and two three year olds. On an airplane. I’m scared. Hold me.

My Subconscious is a Mysterious Place (Now with Pictures!)

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to Ronnie James Dio about going to BlogHer. He didn’t make his reservations early enough, so he was staying in some Days Inn. I told him that he could put all of his giveaways in our room during the conference. Apparently I am very generous […]

Randomness Part 80

Who says Yahtzee isn’t dangerous? Right here is the dance that is going to win us the BlogHer dance off. Y and Jenn don’t stand a chance. Did you know the naked baby from the cover of Nevermind is about to turn 16? He can almost drive. Sorry, that is all I’ve got. It’s been […]


Last night I set my alarm for 6:00 am. I usually don’t set an alarm unless I have a flight to catch or it is a school day for The Goon Squad. It is Summer, and I am not going anywhere. So knowing that Ian will wake me up before 7:00 am at the very […]

Just In Case You Were Concerned that I May have Matured since Last Week

Gabe just sent me a link to the Top 25 Car Names That Are Funny When the Word “Anal ” is placed in front of them. This made me laugh so hard, that I will not only link to it, but I will also give you the entire list here: 25. Frontier 24. Ascender 23. […]

Sleeping Angel

Claudia was a really difficult newborn. I think it stemmed from the fact that after sharing a womb and then being born almost six weeks early, she just wasn’t done cooking. She was colicky and I probably shouldn’t even admit this, but when she was a couple of weeks old I started calling her “Angel […]

Randomness Part 79

Marty McFly rocks way harder than you remember. (Thanks Gabe) For all of you other Guitar Hero addicts out there. (Thanks Kate) Oh yeah, speaking of Guitar Hero II  (well, I was) – Free Bird is kicking my ass.

This Woman Needs Her Own Blog

I love my commentors. Commenters? Commenteurs? (Commentators can’t be right, can it?) Whatever. What I am trying to say is that you people are hilarious. I don’t know most of you, but I do know a lot of you in real life. Some of you I have known for a very long time, take my Mom for […]

What People Take Pictures of When They are Drunk

What is in the Cage?

There is this lady in my neighborhood. She isn’t anybody I know. I’m not even sure which street she lives on, but I see her walking around the neighborhood a lot. There isn’t anything inherently strange about a lady taking a walk in a neighborhood, but this lady is usually carrying a little cage around […]

We’re Back

We’re back.  First I’d like to thank all my guest posters. It is good to know that other people agree that I am not scandalous. And while, yes, I may have passed out in more than one of your cars (if you don’t know what I am talking about you’ll have to go back and […]

A Guest Poster Drops The Ball

Oh sweet buttery Jesus! It’s Sunday night and I promised Sarah I’d guest post this weekend. It’s the 11th hour and I’ve got nothing. Performance anxiety, I guess. I, Chris Cactus,  was planning on coming up with something brilliant so Sarah wouldn’t wonder why the hell she’d left me the keys to this place. But, […]