PlayStation Has My Number

I’m not at all what you would call a “gamer”. Sure, I was addicted to Game Boy Tetris just like everybody else, and I went through a brief period (before the kids were born) when I played a lot of Spyro, but now I found a game that I love – “Guitar Hero II”.

Guitar Hero II(Nobody is paying me to say this and nobody gave me anything for free, but if Redoctane or Sony are reading this I do accept gifts.)

Did you know that you can play against each other like Steve Vai and the Devil* in Crossroads? You can also play a two player version where one person plays the lead guitar line and the other person plays bass or rhythm guitar? You get extra points for synchronized guitar moshing. Steve Vai Crossroads

Why am I telling you this? To explain why I have to go out this afternoon and buy another five button guitar. For those of you keeping score at home that brings us up to one acoustic guitar, two electric guitars (one of the Hello Kitty variety, one suck-ass Hondo), one regular bass, one six string bass, one acoustic bass, one half sized acoustic guitar (slightly broken), four little toy guitars (of which I can only locate one) and two five button Guitar Hero Guitars.

Is that unreasonable?

* Correction: Steve Vai plays against Ralph Macchio in Crossroads, not the devil. I forgot, Vai is actually some sort of minion. Either way, I want to be Steve Vai. Gabe can be Ralph Macchio.

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  1. I don’t think it is unreasonable. Let’s put it into my terms. I have way more than a dozen books. Is that unreasonable? Absolutely not. And that’s my hobby. :)

  2. Nope, not unreasonable.

  3. OH! My Mother thought the pic of us (circa 1990) was from my recent visit. How sweet/funny is that!? If SHE can’t see the 17 year difference in us – we are obviously aging very well! BONUS POINTS FOR US!

  4. That sounds like my house, although I have yet to go buy the second five button Guitar Hero guitar that I want so badly! Not unreasonable at all!

  5. Will this one go to eleven?

  6. I’ve heard it’s good. I’m trying to get hubby to get a Wii next. So far he’s all PS3. What if I don’t know how to play at all? Guitar Hero that is.

  7. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Y’know what really gets annoying? When your friends are so into the song that at the end of it they lose control and smash the ‘guitar’ on top of your TV, which is cleverly playing the roll of the non-existent amp. Admittedly, This hasn’t happened to me yet, although I nearly lost it after an almost flawless rendition of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’.

    RAtM tends to have that effect.

  8. I think I might need this game.

  9. You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many guitars. Checking my own inventory, I have:

    1 @ four string electric bass
    1 @ five string electric bass
    1 @ beat up electric guitar with bad springs and loose whammy bar
    1 @ really nice acoustic guitar that doesn’t get played nearly enough
    1 @ half size acoustic beater for the kids

    and even though they’re not stringed, I’ve also got 3 keyboards and a drum machine and a microphone and a bitchin piece of software for composition. If’n you ever want to hear some of my stuff, it’s on my main website – go to the Songs link.


  10. Sorry. I stopped reading when you mentioned Spyro. I loved playing those games.

  11. Guitars are the new black.

  12. Not unreasonable at all, which is why I have a Guitar Hero guitar (and now pining for a second), 2 Playstation dance mats and about 8 games for the dance mat, all of the Playstation Karaoke games, a Wii with games, an X Box with games, a Nintendo somethingorother, and more. And I have no kids to use as an excuse.

  13. Not if you’re inviting me over to lead. (Fine, I’ll play rhythm.)

  14. Ahhh, my love for Guitar Hero has no limit. Everyone thought it was weird I was asking for it for Christmas this past year… That is, until I opened it on Christmas Eve. My entire family stayed up until 2 in the morning. Yeah.

  15. i’m OBSESSED with this game (only ours is on XBOX live…) and i can rock out to possum kingdom like no one’s business :)

  16. absolutely not unreasonable.
    you can never have too many guitars.
    your six string bass….what brand is it?
    I have a Smith.
    Love, love, love, love, love it.

  17. you NEED two guitars for guitar hero. it’s unreasonable to have only one.

    are you excited for guitar hero III coming out this fall? i am!

  18. So, if you were imagining yourself playing against Steve Vai, would that make you Ralph Macchio?

  19. dude. have you seen all my guitar hero 2 pics in my flickr?! THE GAME IS THE SHIT!

  20. During in our move-in to our new post-college apartment and life, we lugged up the stairs:

    1 acoustic guitar
    1 electric guitar
    2 Guitar Hero guitars
    4 boxes of clothes and books

    So you can see the importance of the guitar. And especially that of what my boyfriend and his buddies call “The Hero.” They’re also all really excited about this game coming out in the fall called Rock Band that I know nothing about, but my boyfriend has been offered an internship working on the game’s graphics and he about peed himself with joy.

  21. Have I mentioned that my mother stopped an entire electronics department in its tracks when she asked, “Can you show me some Playboy Games for my 10 year old grandson?”

    I was one aisle over and yelled “GAMEBOY! For the hundredth time, it’s GAMEBOY!”

    But she wasn’t done. Nope, not my mother. She went back to Target during another visit (this time I was out of town and she was with the kids) with the purpose of trying to find a PS2 game for the kids. Again she asked “Do you carry any Playboy stuff?” The cashier told her “I don’t think we carry any Playboy items, but you might be able to find an air freshner in automotive.” And my mother turned to my son and said “Do you use the Playboy in the car?”

    My son has requested that if my mother wants to purchase a gift for him to do it thru because he’s not going to Target with her anymore.

  22. I just bought a Target Special Gibson Guitar for the express purpose of gutting it to be a Guitar Hero Controller. Wish me luck.

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