Deep Down Inside I am a 12 Year Old Boy

When I was at the grocery store yesterday I took this picture on my cell phone.

cock falvored soup

Then I immediately sent the picture to my husband.

I almost bought it because it really cracked me up, but then I figured it would just taste like regular old chicken broth.

But come on! Cock flavored soup mix? Tell me how that isn’t funny.

Mostly I’m just glad that there weren’t any other adults in my aisle that saw me taking a picture of the thing with my phone.

Of course I have no problem showing the whole internet that I have a very lowbrow sense of humor…

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  1. I would have bought it and just left it on my counter. Always

  2. I, for one, would have purchased it, held a party in its honour and consumed it with my guests. But if you had bought it, would you have fed it to your kids?

  3. There’s far too many nasty comments swirling around in my head… I should just go now.

  4. You should buy it, just to leave it on the counter when guests come over. Will you buy on for me too?

  5. Ummmm, you should serve it with big old Matzo balls in it.
    Hairy ones, if you can find them.

  6. Hehehe! You’re such a 12 yo boy!!

  7. Is that in the “Natural Foods” section? I’m going shopping today.

  8. I love cock!

  9. I would have bought them and spent all day eating cock. mmmmm cock. (And sent pictures to all my friends.)

  10. I think this would make a great housewarming gift!

    Hmmm…wonder what it really tastes like? 😉

  11. I notice the package also said “Spicy”. (hehe)

    “Ma’am, would like some more spicy cock.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  12. An old friend once gave me a packet of that soup, with a price tag of $.69 on it. I still have it, and when I re-do my kitchen, I’m totally framing it in a shadow box with some cock-shaped pasta.

  13. I most definitely would have bought it just so I could constantly offer Cock Soup to anyone who came over.

  14. See, I would have taken a picture too, but I would have been in it doing something dirrty to the bag.

    So really, you’re not so bad:-)

  15. The way you cropped that picture sure made i get my attention on the feed reader.

  16. Now In engrlish… The way you cropped that picture sure got my attention on the feed reader.

  17. I SOOOO would have done the same thing. That is pretty funny!

    I’m having a WORST Father of sorts….come check it out….even if your dad is Father of the Year!

  18. This is totally my husband’s kind of humor. I’ll have to show him this!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    An Island Life

  19. No way! That’s too funny! My hubby calls me a 12 year old boy for the SAME EXACT REASON…although I don’t know that I’ve taken a picture in the grocery store of anything…but I have taken a pic on the cell of the truck in front of me with a little pair of brass balls hanging down…yeah, I was driving at the time but I HAD to have it!

  20. Ok. I can’t get past Gidge’s comment. SNORT

  21. I don’t question your sense of humor. My only question is “spicy”?

  22. I once made a boyfriend stop in a random town we were driving through because I saw a street sign that said “Cock Street”. I then made him take a picture of me pretending to pole dance on it because I’m classy like that.

    Turns out that it actually said “Cook Street”, but some local kids (I assume, it could have been adults, though) used some green tape to change it to Cock Street. Still just as funny, though!

  23. Did you do that in Wegman’s?

  24. The only thing better than cock?

    Spicy cock.

  25. I would have bought it. That is awesome!

  26. I would have bought it. And then served it. And when people had a big ole mouthful told the they were having spicy cock (of course standing outside of spitting distance…).

  27. You know what’s even funnier?
    It also says “spicy.”

  28. Because I hate bland cock soup.

  29. I am aroused.

  30. OMG! That is just too funny!

  31. Heh heh. You said cock. Heh heh.

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