Randomness Part 78

sopranos_logo– I can’t think right now. I’m still upset about the how “The Sopranos” ended last night. I feel like they tricked me into watching the last season. I really wanted Tony to die and Meadow to take over, but alas. Nothing happened. Well, not nothing, but there was certainly no end. And yes, I get why they did it, but I still feel robbed.

– Mommy at Work thinks I have special power to influence Mexican farmers.

– Check out these logo lookalikes from Rivalfish. Orlando Bloom Buccaneer Bruce

Obviously this one is my favorite. (Thanks Frank Sucks for the link.) Buccaneer Bruce never looked this masculine to me before.

– One time I was so tired that I fell asleep at a Judas Priest concert.

– Did you know that babies have more bones than we do?

– I have a dentist appointment.

IT SAYS randomness. I didn’t say it was all going to be interesting.

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  1. I am so sorely disappointed with the sopranos ending last night. Wasn’t it clear that they were about to get gunned down in the diner but no…it just ends.
    You random boringness is more interesting than many ‘interesting things on the internet…I’m just saying.

  2. I once won a game of Trivial Pursuit by being able to name the number of bones in an adult (206) and the number in a newborn (300). I beat a doctor… Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  3. If my 11 year old son had a blog it would be titled randomness. He has a gift for obsurity, and it is a gift because it almost always makes me laugh…like you. Thanks for the tid-bits of trivia.

  4. I have this to say on the subject of the last Sopranos episode…. That was not right, that was just not right at all!!!!

  5. I was upset at first by the ending, but the more I think about it, the more I like. There’s definitely a master’s thesis in there somewhere. (And I fell asleep at a Jethro Tull concert once.)

  6. The Judas Priest concert made me laugh. When I was with my ex, he and his brothers and friends were really into Industrial music and I wasn’t as enthused. I was exhausted one night but they had gotten tickets to go to some concert and I went along. I ended up falling asleep about five feet away from one of the ginormous speakers and they couldn’t believe I was sleeping at something as loud as an Industrial concert.

  7. Sara, In the spirit of randomness and because I know you are slightly obsessed with guitar hero I need your help. I have been serching for guitar hero for the hubby but I can only find it for PS2 and he has a PS3. Will the one for PS2 work? Would you recomend the wired or wireless guitars? Sorry for the random question, I am just complete lame-o when it comes to anything video game (except tetris, I can kick some major tetris butt!)and all my net searching is getting me no where.

  8. Glad I didn’t Tivo it or miss it cuz you saved me watching the re-run. ha ha


  9. Frank Sucks says:

    They never should have got rid of Bruce…

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