Now BRITAIN’S Got Talent

Hey guys, Karen here from Vodkarella (formerly Troll Baby)!

The other night, my husband, 8 year old son and I watched America’s Got Talent. The entire show was a let down. That Piers guy is annoying and seriously, America Did Not Have Talent. The show seemed to thrive around putting down obnoxious little kids and coming up with 67 different euphemisms for “you suck.”

I’m a huge YouTube addict and Britain has got some serious talent (plus if you miss Simon Cowell, he is a judge there):

If you like Stomp! and you like Thriller! You’ll love this:

It’s always a good time to breakdance!

Have you heard of Free Running?

Adorable 6 Year old Conny impresses a grumpy Simon Cowell:

The Kit Kat Girls are um, Interesting:

And last but not least, Caroline! You’re going to LOVE her.

When Sarah returns, she’s going to think I put up a bunch of YouTube videos just to show off that I can embed the code. Ha ha.

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  1. Welcome. WOnderful Post! Why is it that Britain always does TV shows better than American. The Office is another classic example. Brit version is great, but America’s version sucks!

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I’ve never seen either version of The Office though.

  3. That breakdancing guy was awesome, but I just can not get past them constantly talking about it being the first time he performed outside his bedroom. It sounded sort of dirty the first time and the more times they said it, the more I giggled.

  4. There you go again, rippin’ on America. Give us a break already. 😀 You’re such a bad ass.


  5. Oh I love those videos. The little girl is so cute, but that last chick has me cracking up. I’ve seen the US version, but I can’t stand to watch “The Hoff”, so I keep turning it off.

  6. Laugh snort chuckle gag cough guffaw.

  7. um, the little girl? damn. if that was supposed to be funny, then i’m missing my sense of humor today. sister totally made me cry.

  8. I’ve never spent this much time on Sarah’s site…you’re hired!

  9. I gotta agree with you here. I think Pierce sounds like he is trying to hard on the english accent. Sounds fake to me.. And Hoff– gag, cough, puke, barf. It’s a train wreck gone bad. Can’t tear myself away…..ugh. I’m a gluten for punishment.


  10. Hahahahaha – I watched every one. That little girl had me almost in tears. The I watched the last one, and was in tears – of laughter. People at my office are staring at me.

  11. Ok, I didn’t even get two video’s in before I said to myself “she’s totally doing this to show sarah she’s a rockstar video embedder”

  12. I really enjoyed these videos, most of which I haven’t seen before. Being from the UK I can honestly say that most of the acts are embarrassing to watch. If you say the American version is bad, then the show must be really awful!

  13. connie was amazing. totally made me cry!

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