What is in the Cage?

There is this lady in my neighborhood. She isn’t anybody I know. I’m not even sure which street she lives on, but I see her walking around the neighborhood a lot.

There isn’t anything inherently strange about a lady taking a walk in a neighborhood, but this lady is usually carrying a little cage around with her.

Yesterday I saw what she had in the cage.

I always kind of wondered what was in that little cage. Looking back, I think at first I thought she had a very small, very high maintenance dog. Maybe she was the dog sitter and she was taking it back and forth to wherever it lives. Then later I realized that this particular cage was probably a little bit small for any breed of dog that I could think of.

At some point a couple of months ago I decided that it was probably a guinea pig.

I have no idea why I thought she was carrying a guinea pig around my neighborhood, but it doesn’t really matter because the truth is almost as strange.small cage

I hit the timing perfectly yesterday and I was turning the corner just as this lady was coming the other way and I saw what was in the cage.

It was a bird.

Some lady carries a bird around in a cage in my neighborhood.

Does that strike anyone else as odd?

Who takes birds for a walk? It doesn’t look like any parrot or cockatoo or some other fancy bird either. It just looks like a small regular bird. Maybe a love bird? Maybe a parakeet.

Whatever. I am just looking for a reason – any reason that some person would be walking around with a bird in a small plastic cage on a regular basis.

Any ideas?

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  1. Nope, I’m no help. Sounds odd too me. Maybe you should ask her if her birdy likes the fresh air. Just to see what she says.

    I thought seeing a snake on a walk with a guy was the weirdest thing. But yours tops it.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hmmmmm. fresh air for the birdie? No clue though…

  3. Well, the obvious answer is that the woman is certifiably insane.

  4. Two of my neighbors took their exotic birds (parrots? macaws?) out for a walk the other night, but the birds perches on their shoulders. The neighbors in question said it was the first time they’d ever taken the birds outside (which explains why they seemed so FREAKED OUT). The birds, I mean.

  5. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Falcons and drug dealers.

    If she walked around with the small bird on a leash, a falcon would swoop down and that would be the end of the little bird. D.C. airspace is clogged with falcons, as you no doubt have seen. D.C. is also teeming with drug dealers. They’d shoot a bird on a leash for no reason, other than the fact that they’re assholes.

    If a person wants to take their bird for a walk in D.C., frankly I think they’d be insane NOT to put the little bastard in a cage.

    Speaking of falcons who are assholes (and quite possibly also drug dealers), how about that nice Michael Vick?

  6. So you’ve got crazy dress lawn mower/nightgown in public/stealth raker neighbor AND crazy bird walker neighbor? What the hell?

  7. That is a new one for me. There is a lady in my neighborhood that walks her dog (or pushes her dog) in a stroller because the dog won’t go for a walk otherwise. That is pretty crazy too, if the dog doesn’t want to go for a walk why bother!

    On another note…I’m reaching out to talk to parents about the Maya & Miguel program as part of a marketing project I’m working on with Scholastic. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Maya & Miguel, a show on PBS in the afternoons — http://pbskidsgo.org/mayaandmiguel — that emphasizes cultural diversity and language learning.

    I found your post and thought I’d reach out to say hello and ask if you’d like to receive a free Maya & Miguel DVD. If you’d like to receive the DVD just email me at Kerri at boldmouth.com with your address and I’ll have it shipped it out to you.

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    Kerri Roberts, BoldMouth

  8. Yes. I have an idea:


    Pestilence with wings. And breaks.

    I admit: it took me a while to click over to this. After my own post about snakes, I was afraid you had something really gory abotu snakes too. And I had to do a lot of mental exercises to exorcise snakes from my mind last night. LOL!!!!

    Instead, luckily, it’s just about birds, which simply annoy rather than frighten me.

  9. Uhh breaks = beaks


  10. My wild, and probably inaccurate guess, is that she’s smuggling birds. I don’t know why, but that’s my guess.

  11. She’s afraid to leave it out on the porch for fresh air, for fear that it will get stolen?

  12. I have two parakeets and would never take them outside.

    She’s weird.

  13. Um.
    I’m pretty sure I’m not coming to visit again.
    At least not until you’ve removed the creepy people from your neighborhood. I could handle the crazy stalker neighbor but now there’s a crazy bird lady.
    Yep. That’s WAY too many.

  14. Well what we say down here in the South when we don’t know what to say about somebody is….. Well bless her little heart aint that just sweet…

  15. My grandmother had a kitten that she used to carry in a basket to see the neighbors. She could never remember it’s name, she called it the FAT ONE.
    I had named it LESTAT.

  16. Maybe she’s trying to catch a cat.

    That… or she’s certifiable.

  17. Huh…

    I do have a neighbor who walks her bird. His name is Oscar and he is tethered and perches on her hand for the walk. She does it to get him fresh air and he seems to love it…will even talk to neighbors. Very cool bird.

    I’m not so sure about the bird in a cage thing though.. does seem a bit… odd…

  18. Reminds of those weirdos who push their pets around in strollers.

  19. If I saw something like that, I think I would die.

  20. Is there a vet near your house? Maybe she was walking it to the vet instead of driving. Or maybe she was walking to a friends house and didn’t want to leave it alone. You do have exciting neighbors.

  21. My best guess is to give the bird some fresh air. In which case she should just free the poor thing. I don’t like seeing birds caged up….they were given wings for a reason.

  22. I saw a guy once in my neighborhood walking around with two birds in a cage. But this was also shortly after signs starting sprouting up seeking a lost red-headed conure, so perhaps he was looking for his pet? Or maybe he had just found it?

  23. Well DUH! What do you expect her to use: a leash!? :-)

  24. I think it’s rather obvious. She is taking it to rendezvous with it’s little bird lover on the other side of the tracks…

  25. Ok – was the woman of Asian decent?

    If so, you will find that it is common in some Asia countries, such as China, to take your caged birds for a walk. It is considered normal in those cultures.

    Just saying. Travel does a body good.

  26. It’s an iBird and she listens to it while she walks.

  27. There is a house for sale in my neighborhood.

  28. Looooon

  29. Maybe it’s a talking bird, and it asked her to take it for a walk.

  30. Wait. I just need to clarify this is NOT the same women who randomly mows your lawn.

  31. The only suggestions I can come up with all end at the same conclusion: she’s a bit loony

  32. You sure live in near interesting people.

  33. Feel lucky, the mysterious old guy in our neighborhood walks his little terrier every morning on a retractable leash, and lets his dog (trying not to use exlpitives here) do his business in whatever yard he chooses (many times it’s mine) and doesn’t carry a little plastic bag to pick the mess up with. I wish HE had just a bird in a cage!!

  34. My favorite neighbor is an alcoholic dead beat dad with party plates and a breathalizer ignition. When he gets home from drinking on hot summer nights, he pees in the driveway. We live in one of those rustbelt city neighborhoods where the houses are separated only by the driveways. The screen in our bedroom window is the only thing to buffer the sound. It’s like he’s pissing in the same room with us. (Oh — and by the way — we mow his lawn sometimes. But that’s because it would NEVER get mowed otherwise.) And he’s our favorite!

    The neighbor on the other side told us he is sick. My husband asked what was wrong, and the dude just pointed at his head. He constantly asks if he can use our ladder. I don’t know what for. We keep saying no.

    The sick-in-the-head-ladder-craving guy lives in a two-family house and the people who live upstairs from him are Middle Eastern. We saw them the day they moved in. We see the husband all the time, but the wife has never come out of the house — in two years!!

    We have another neighbor who noticed a small leafy twig growing out of our chimney. He begged us to call the authorities right away so that we wouldn’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Before the Middle Eastern couple moved in, there was a chain-smoking 60-something-year-old woman living up there. We called her Leather Face. Once, we were driving through town and saw her lying on the ground propped up against the storefront of the corner bar. We said, “Hey! That was Leather Face passed out on the curb!”

    Abbreviated version of the rest of the neighborhood:

    Cat Lady (our second favorite)
    Screaming Derrick
    Bearded Man
    The Stripper

  35. Chasinash says:

    Vitamin D. Fresh air. Birds can see more of the spectrum than humans – inside lights and window glass leave them in an Alfred Hitchcock reality. But mainly it’s the Vitamins from sunlight.

    Hey, you asked.

  36. MathleteSarah says:

    Either you live near some very strange people or you have a very vivid imagination, where some strange people live!!!

  37. Darn – nothing to say, we live in the middle of no where…oh wait the guy across the road has Ginney (no clue on the real spelling) Hens and every so often they wander over to our property to eat our bugs. Nope really not good enough – but all I’ve got.

    The woman is obviously checking the air quality…(or she’s crazy).

  38. My daughter walks her rat on a leash so I will not be making any defamating comments.

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