What People Take Pictures of When They are Drunk


Cheers Toast Bud Light

Galactic Gel

My Eye

Beer Can Close Up

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  1. Good god, those are almost fucking ARTISTIC.

    You’re an artistic drunk.

    I want you to do a glamor shot of me at BlogHer – when you’re drunk.

  2. The first two are wicked cool. Dawn’s right: artistic drunk!

  3. WHat’s Galactic Gel?

    You’re a good drunk photographer. When I’m drunk and take pictures, I get nice shots of my fingers and the wall. Or horrible pics of friends that i use for blackmail purposes.

  4. You’re good. I always just wait until I’m drunk to reply to email I’ve gotten (in reply to email I’ve sent or comments I’ve left) from bloggers I don’t know very well. I make all sorts of weird, effusive suggestions about visiting DC, coming to my house or generally being my new BFF. I should not be allowed near a computer after two drinks.

    You, however, should apparently always have a camera in hand.

  5. Barbara says:

    What is the first a shot of? I’m guessing the inside of a bottle? but it doesn’t seem quite right… Care to enlighten?
    My drunk pics are inevitably black (lens cap), blurry, a big finger, way off target… These are actually normal…

  6. It is the inside of a glass of white wine.

  7. ‘Cuz drunkeness makes you do stupid things.

  8. My drunk pics usually have a lot more nudity.

  9. I’m guessing “galactic gel” isn’t a spermicide. Or is it?

  10. I just shamelessly googled. It’s a tanning proguct that does not contain an SPF and got a somewhat low Epinions rating.

    Great. Now I have yet another useless bit of information stored in my brain for freakin’ eternity, yet I know tomorrow I’m going to forget to do something really important. Why can’t I keep the trivial in my head along with the stuff of substance???????

  11. Creative. Artsy even

  12. Looks like works of art to me!

  13. Love the eye picture. I can’t even take pictures that artistic when I’m sober. I think I’ll go get a glass of wine.

  14. ummm those are surprisingly NOT blurry! how is that you take better pictures drunk than I do sober??

  15. Those are far better than the pictures I take of myself drunk in the bathroom.

  16. I’m still miffed we missed the Galactic Gel being used. 😉

  17. Your Mother says:

    I know that eye!

  18. I am out of Galactic Gel and cannot find it in stores or on the net. anyone know where there might be a stash?

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