Sleeping Angel

Claudia was a really difficult newborn. I think it stemmed from the fact that after sharing a womb and then being born almost six weeks early, she just wasn’t done cooking. She was colicky and I probably shouldn’t even admit this, but when she was a couple of weeks old I started calling her “Angel Baby” and I meant it sarcastically.

Well, the nickname has stuck. And sometimes it is even true. Sleeping Angel

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  1. Oh my god, she is so cute.

  2. I definitely buy the “not done cooking” theory of colic. My gal was a terror for over four months, and she was offically ready at only 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I could not have imagined at 12 weeks that she’d ever stop screaming. Ever.

  3. Goodness…An angel baby is right…

  4. cute dress!

  5. cute dress! 😉

  6. She really is sweet. I like how you coordinated the wings with the binky with the dress.

  7. Adorable. And Merseydotes is right on. Is this some hidden talent of yours, color coordination? Or are you paid for it?

  8. do they make those in adult sizes?

  9. It’s a good reminder for those of us with non-sleeping little ones that one day they may in fact grow up to sleep.

  10. Too bad I know she’s the DEVIL.

  11. Hello!
    Got here for the first time and I’m loving your blog.
    Can I link you up on my blog?
    oh, i’m all the way from Singapore.

  12. CUTE!!

  13. Cute! Funny, I just call mine devil children…head spinning and all.

  14. MathleteSarah says:

    My daughter was collicky for 4.5 solid months and now at 17 months old she still shows her “bad personality” at times, multiple per day. My father said she is much like me, Karma Sucks!

  15. That is one cute little angel!!

  16. Awww, what a little darling!

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