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Way Better Than Sting

I will try to get around to telling you more about my trip to Chicago (aka the obligatory BlogHer recap post) but in the meantime this picture goes out to all of you bloggers that chose going to see The Police at Fenway instead of going to BlogHer. (If you can’t read it, Mrs. Chicky […]

American Airlines Comes Through in the End

Even though I still have great animosity towards Mary and I am still peeved about the cancelled flight and non-apologetic tone of the people at the gate when they did cancel my flight, American Airlines does have some kind and responsible employees. I got a call yesterday from the pilot that flew me from D.C. […]

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Guess who lost her drivers license on an airplane in Missouri yesterday? That’s right. You heard me. I left my i.d. on an airplane in St. Louis (I blame the Rams). What kind of idiot loses her drivers license when she knows she has to fly home? Me and her. While I openly admit that […]

Spinning My Wheels

I have been running around the house like a maniac all day long. We haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been running aournd the house. And I can’t get anything done. The kids are finally napping, but since Ian fell asleep in his bed and Claudia fell asleep in my bed I can’t pack for me […]

An Imaginary Celebrity Pick Up Soccer Game

Gabe and I are suckers for all those reality cooking shows. We watch Top Chef and Who Wants to Be the Next Food Network Star and Hell’s Kitchen. We were watching Hell’s Kitchen last week and we started talking about how Gordon Ramsay used to play professional soccer. Naturally this became a conversation about who […]

Coolest Thing Ever

My friend Lori has some question for you about cameras. I promised her that I would ask you a long time ago and then I completely forgot. I do things like that a lot. But first – FIRST THE COOLEST THING EVER. BEHOLD: My swag came. My swag came. My swag came. [jumping up and […]

TV Taught My Kids Music Theory

Ian: Woah! Mommy! You are driving so fast! Me: No I’m not. I am driving 35 miles per hour. That isn’t fast at all. We go twice this fast on the interstate. Ian: You are driving moderato. Thanks Leo and Quincy. I didn’t learn the word moderato until college. Who says tv isn’t good for […]

Randomness Part 85

For your viewing pleasure: Don’t put him down as arrogant. (Thanks Frank Sucks) I can’t get two people to smile at the camera at the same time and somehow they got 1500 inmates to do the Thriller dance. (Thanks Jeff) You are going to think I’m insane, but I think I like Victoria Beckham. If […]

I’d Rather Be Having Dental Work

On Monday I went to the dentist and got three fillings. This afternoon I took The Goon Squad to the grocery store. Guess which one was more pleasant. (I’ll give you a hint. I’m going back to the dentist on August 6th. I have no immediate plans to take my kids anywhere ever again.)

The Potty Training Continues

Another day of potty training, another pair of Dora underpants with poop in them. (sigh) (How gross would it be if I posted a picture of that? Ick.) On a much happier note, Ian peed in the potty yesterday. He was standing up and everything. We clapped and yelled and cheered. It was lovely. Stickers […]

Sure, It Seems Cool if You are Reading This Blog

As many of you know, I am going to leaving for BlogHer next Thursday. I am really excited about it. I am expecting my fancy new business cards and my giveaways to arrive early next week. (I am SO worked up about my Sarah and the Goon Squad key chain bottle openers that I could just scream. […]

Me in 10 Seconds: BlogMe ’07

Since you are supposed to be able to read this in 10 seconds. I will be brief and say that Mocha made me do it. Something About Me You Need to Know for BlogHer that You Can Read in 10 Seconds: If you are participating in the Cool Mom Picks BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt – […]