Now I’ve Seen Everything Vol. 4

I either just had a pretty harsh flashback or I saw some sort of sneak preview for Yo Gabba Gabba.
Yo gabba gabba

I’m speechless.

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  1. At the beach? You saw these things at the beach?

  2. What the hail is it??

  3. um.


  4. Is is my imagination or are children’s shows getting more and more the stuff of adult nightmares.

  5. Is this the result of you surfing sex toys sites?

  6. that’s cool!

    when Kiddo was at her ‘parroting everything’ stage, I taught her to throw her hands in the air and scream “Bootsy Collins!” whenever it struck my fancy.

  7. Great now my kids are running around yell YO GABBA GABBA!!!

    I didn’t think things could get any trippier after BooBA

  8. I get the feeling we can watch this one night after the kids go to bed and laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe

  9. Have you watched any of the clips on Scary. Of course… now I’m singing “there’s a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy”. great.

  10. I think it looks fun, in a retro sort of way. We’ll see if it’s worth watching or not.

  11. Now if I didn’t have kids that would look like a bad acid trip to me.

  12. Makes me pine for the heady days of Pee Wee’s playhouse.

  13. My daughter freezes in her tracks when she sees this commercial.

    I’m doomed.

    High School should be fun, no?

  14. Is it just Bossy or do they all look like variations of a penis?

  15. HR Puff and Stuff… with MORE acid.

    I actually read about it in Cookie.

    And if I read about them in Cookie, than I have to hate them.

  16. I gotta say the idea to combine a dildo with a cyclops and put it on a kids show never occurred to me. What will these people think of next? Wait. Don’t tell me.

  17. Now I know what Devra’s Dildo looks like.
    Ewwww Devra you freak.

  18. Did you see the “Party in my tummy” song on Noggin? That was my introduction.

    Jack adored it.


  19. They really are quite entertaining after a vicodin and a bloody mary.

  20. Um… I am not really sure what to say about this, so I’ll simply say: “BOOTSY COLLINS!!!”

  21. When I first saw the previews I thought Pee Wee Herman must have been handing out acid to the Teletubbies. I predict my son will LOVE this show! (poor poor me)

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