Spot the Mixed Message in the Children’s Book

Mixed Messages

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  1. Doesn’t talk of dinosaurs go against the basic message of the bible. I mean, dinosaurs go along with evolution, and all that jazz. Besides that, there wouldn’t be fewer animals on the Ark, T-Rex would’ve eaten the others…..Just a thought!!!

  2. I saw a coloring book the other day about the dinos actually being on the ark, and a picture of Jesus riding one. I figure that shits probably true.

  3. That is funny as hell.

  4. Huh. What children’s book is that? All the religious books about dinosaurs that I’ve come across say that dinos WERE on the ark…

    Modern science pretty much disproves that, but I guess a lot of people (with more faith than me) believe it to be true because the bible says it is so.

  5. My uber-christian man would explain that the dinosaurs on the ark were babies…thus making more room and less animal-eating. Heh.

    But that book does make me giggle! What book is it?

  6. Creationism, Evolution… Why not both?

  7. Interesting find. What book is that? It would give my brother-in-law a fit.

  8. I thought all the dinos were on the ark but were in magical rooms that kept them from eating the other animals. Because if you are going to say the ark exists, you might as well say the ark was magic.

  9. Ummmmmm… yeah…

    Maybe the authors were trying to be more like ALL of the 08 Presidential candidates (both sides) and were honing their flip-flopping skills…

    Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  10. WTH?!

  11. I am totally down with the visual of Jesus riding a dinosaur.
    I think, that perhaps, he rode a dinosaur across America to talk to Joseph Smith.
    Why don’t they do cool story lines like that in the billion episodes of LAND BEFORE TIME?

  12. First of all, I MUST HAVE the above-mentioned coloring book featuring Jesus riding a dinosaur. Must.Have.It.

    Secondly, I’m getting a headache trying to figure out what they thought they meant in your book. Are there two authors and they were fighting when they wrote that page?

  13. I think it’s blasphemous that the author suggests that God couldn’t have given Noah the power to BUILD an ark big enough to carry dinosaurs.

  14. Maybe it’s just a way to get kids to keep their minds open. I’m of the inspiration that 7 days does not mean 7 24 hour days, and since animals came before man……extinction could well have happened before Noah rowed the boat. Lovin’ the blog.

  15. Holy Mother of God, I want that book.

  16. Are there really two Jills reading your blog? How will you know it’s me? I’ll have to use a pseudonym like 2keen2toot.
    I think you’ll figure out who’s who.

  17. I’m a Christian who happens to believe that a lot of the Bible, especially old Testament, is storytelling. I don’t take the story literally.

    I also think God created dinosaurs so little boys would have something to play with. Come on, He knew moms would go crazy if we were left to our own imaginations for entertaining those mini-males.

  18. A must have. A must raed. Details, please.

  19. I actually heard a theory once that said dinosaurs became extinct during the flood. Never really got that one though, because why wouldn’t God let them on the ark with the other animals?
    As far as the eating, I think it’s that whole lion-lies-down-with-lamb stuff. If we’re going to go to the trouble of putting them together, God can make them not be hungry.

  20. Oh.My.God. I need a copy of that book.

  21. Oh holy dear sweet Jesus!

  22. now i’m having visions of jesus in a loin clothe on a dino

    with a cowboy hat on

  23. That’s fantastic.

  24. Maybe the dino’s were holding onto a rope and let go.

  25. You know how I am ever the lurker. Still saw you give Crunchy some congrats on the new sprog coming in spring..

    When are you having more baby?

  26. I can’t believe the blasphomy of using the word dinosaurs in a children’s book. I’m going to go read my bible for twelve hours straight to make up for it. Oh, wait, i’m a Jew who actual thinks creationism is a load of crap. Never mind.

  27. Sherry Konkus says:

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    On both of my sites, I will show you how flawed and false the creationists’ view on dinosaurs truly is and how it is better for all humans to embrace the true notion of dinosaurs based on valid scientific evidence than embrace the stupid lies creationists tell about them.

  28. Sherry Konkus says:

    Back again. Here to tell you that I updated my sister blog to its newest address,

    Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist’s Fantasy.

    That’s my sister blog’s updated address you can add to your bookmarks whenever you like.

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