An Open Letter to U.S. Airways

Dear U.S. Airways,

Can I just ask what you were thinking when you sat me in an aisle all by myslef and then you sat each one of my three year olds in their own rows with complete strangers? When I bought my tickets I clearly filled out the part of the form that indicated that Ian and Claudia were children.u.s. air sucks

Sure, I want to sit by my kids, but even more than that… what about the other passengers? Do you think two random business men want to sit by Claudia and hear her freak out when the flight attendant doesn’t know what she means when she asks for “girl food”? Does that couple flying to their honeymoon have crayons and barbies in their backpack? If not, Claudia might freak out.

When I got to the counter and explained that I was not sitting with my three year old children, you could have at least displayed some sympathy. I was shocked that nobody seemed to have a problem with three year old children sitting by themselves.

The guy at the first check in told me they could take care of my problem at the gate, the “lady” at the gate said they could take care of it on the plane. The flight attendant in the front of the airplane told me that I should just stand in the aisle and try to trade with people. The flight attendant in the back of the airplane told me to just put them in the seats that they were assigned until everyone had boarded.

That is when I asked my kids who wanted to sit by two strangers.

Then Ian began howling.

I told Ian he was allowed to keep screaming until somebody sat us all together.

Then a flight attendant (and this guy wasn’t even working. He was just trying to fly home.) found seats for me. It wasn’t that hard.

So, U.S. Air – what I want to know is what happened to customer service? And also what kind of jacked up airline lets parents traveling with young children preboard, but doesn’t bother seating them together?

Don’t worry. If you want to talk about it some more I’ll be calling you later.


Suck it,


Sarah and the Goon Squad

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