I’d Rather Be Having Dental Work

On Monday I went to the dentist and got three fillings.

This afternoon I took The Goon Squad to the grocery store.

Guess which one was more pleasant.

(I’ll give you a hint. I’m going back to the dentist on August 6th. I have no immediate plans to take my kids anywhere ever again.)

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  1. HAHAHA!! That made me laugh VERY loudly. For a long period of time.

    I big puffy heart you.

  2. Yeah, I’d choose the dentist over kids at the store as well.

  3. Sweet, can I come camp out with you? I’ve been in the house ALONE with these mutants that I gave birth too for so long that I swear the walls are actually answering me when I speak to them. Stop looking at me like that. They are!

  4. Did you have to stop in the middle of the store to take two three year olds to the grocery store potty? Oh oh oh – or better yet – take them both to the potty (but of course, only one will go), get back to the cart, go 10 feet, and have the other one INSIST they have to go.

    Not because I’ve been there or anything…um…but…um…that DRIVES me crazy. They do it in Target, too.

    I miss diapers.

  5. Oh, yeah. Dental work. When I go to the dentist, I get to watch TV. Regular TV. Not Elmo TV. I can snooze while I wait too.

  6. Dude, what did they DO?
    We take all three to the store all the time.

    No big deal.

  7. I always think you’re very brave whenever you talk about taking The Goon Squad anywhere by yourself. The boys were five before I took them anywhere without backup. :)

  8. That good huh?

    My kids are usually pretty good at the grocery store as long as Cayden has a bottle and Piage is able to sit in the race car cart and gets a slice of GEN-O-A (salami) from the deli lady.

  9. Right there with ya. I often go to the grocery store late at night or early in the morning just to avoid having to step foot in the place with my children.

  10. I go on vacation for a week and all hell breaks loose in Wegman’s? Or was it Shoppers?

    Does this mean I am going to Wegman’s with Claudia and Ian all by myself?

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