TV Taught My Kids Music Theory

Ian: Woah! Mommy! You are driving so fast!

Me: No I’m not. I am driving 35 miles per hour. That isn’t fast at all. We go twice this fast on the interstate.

Ian: You are driving moderato.Leo Little Einsteins

Thanks Leo and Quincy. I didn’t learn the word moderato until college.

Who says tv isn’t good for kids?

It would be cool if The Little Einsteins could try explaining the cirle of fifths next. I never could quite grasp that concept.

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  1. And here i always thought tv was bad for kids….whoda thunk?

  2. I sort of vaguely remember the circle of fifths. I believe it was composed of bourbon, scotch, rye, gin, and vodka, but I could be wrong about that.

  3. I LOVE that show!
    I’ve never been a fan of the Baby Einstein baby videos, but I think that this cartoon is great.
    Tucker and I watched it yesterday and Cara was obliviously playing with the dogs.

  4. Perhaps they also know a trick for conducting in 6/8 time that doesn’t hurt your arms?
    Who knew Little Einsteins had so much info?

  5. Lumpyhead either is mildly interested in Little Einsteins or completely ignores it. Leo kinda bugs me, what with his “I’m the leader” air, when Quincy could clearly kick his ass. And why does Annie clean his glasses for him in the opening credits? That alone makes me want to punch him.

    Maybe that’s overly aggressive.

    Whatever, I’ll show him where to put that baton.

  6. Now if only the “Einsteins” could just teach my child that all orchestral instruments do not necessarily sound like bad synthesizer versions of themselves and magically turn into fish.

  7. Jack once said that his car went allegro!

  8. LOL!

    My daughter says I talk Fortissimo….. go figure.

  9. I’m waiting for the Little Einsteins to start teaching them Trig. That would make my life so much easier.

    Little Einsteins Rule!


  10. Let’s go Allegro!

    Pat… Pat… Pat… Pat… Pat.. Pat.. Pat.. Pat.. Pat. Pat. Pat… Blast Off!!!!

  11. It’s funny that I saw this post today. Today, sitting on the couch with Alex, my little girl, watching *another* episode of Dora the Explorer, I thought to myself “Her first sentence is going to be in Spanish with the amount of this she watches”.

    – Mike

  12. So are you frightened that your kids will be smarter than you? They are already smarter than me. 10 years of music lessons on 3 instruments, and I still have to look up circle of 5ths to remind myself! Now that I have I’m feeling very ashamed…lol

  13. I like this show too but I catch myself singing the songs over and over. UGH.

  14. @gidge: if 6/8 time is hurting your arms, you’re not using your elbows enough. in fact, if you do it right, you should throw out your *neck*.

  15. My kids love this show, too. To combat the short excerpts of music they play on the show, I found a website that lists each episode, and the songs played, then downloaded them from itunes. They happily listen to the CD, I don’t mind because they are the real versions, and it has helped on our long car rides to Grandma and Grandpa’s! My older son recognizes the songs from the episodes, so even he enjoys it!

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