Mike Vick: What the Hell?

The more I think about this Mike Vick/dogfighting ring thing, the more it bugs me.

Gabe and I always figured that he would have a short career, but we figured it would be because he overdid it on the football field. We thought he would completely blow out his knees or break something Theismann style.

I mean – besides the fact that I didn’t actually believe that dogfighting rigns existed (I know – I am naive) I cannot grasp why somebody who already has a lot of money and stardom would feel the need to be involved in something like this. mike-vick-sacked

Michael Vick is (was) a superstar. His last contract with the Falcons was $130 million over ten years. Plus he makes (made) a ton of money off of endorsements. Clearly, he didn’t need the money.

And dogfighting is just a jackass thing to be involved with.

Part of me almost understands why someone with no money would be involved in inhumane illegal behavior. I mean, maybe if your children needed food and they only way you could provide for them was by working in the cockfighting circuit. But this guy has millions of dollars. He could have 87 children and send them all to Harvard.

It makes my head spin. It would be like finding out that Oprah is a rhino poacher or Harrison Ford was clubbing baby seals just for some extra pocket cash or for fun.

I don’t get it. Why, Mike? Why? He probably threw his whole career away for this. Dogfighting. Unbelievable.

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  1. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    I had thought that he was the one with the level head on his shoulders, while his little brother’s was firmly stuck up his ass. Turns out I was wrong.

  2. i have to agree with you on all points. of course his “rep” states he didnt know it was going on and it didnt have anything to do with him, since he was never there. last i checked football was a fall sport, whatever. anyway, if he is guilty he deserves the maximum. all those so called “role models” need to get ahold of themselves, get a grip and take responsibility, you wanted all this fame, glory, now bask in it. RESPONSIBLY!

  3. Maybe he just hates dogs.

  4. Oh AMEN!!! Ravin’ Picture Maven

  5. Oh AMEN!!!

  6. Oh AMEN!!!

    I can be this succinct because I already spilled my rant big time on Mrs. Chicky’s Doggone Blog site LOL.

    “And dogfighting is just a jackass thing to be involved with.”


    I understand all that “having to think” and “figure out right and wrong” can strain some people. But here’s a tip: if I am having trouble finding the moral in the story? I swap roles. Let’s see, how would I like to be in a ring with a deranged person in a life or death fight? Not so much? Okey dokey, easy peasy: bad idea so don’t do it.

    It’s amazing how applicable that can be and it doesn’t strain the brain too much either.

    (If anyone wants the Christian version, try, “What would Jesus think?”)

    Uhh apparently *did not have* all my ranting out yet LOL


    (hmmm that was weird, pushed submit and it truncated me?)
    (Twice? WTF?)

  7. For the record, I don’t think Harrison Ford would ever club baby seals, but I do believe he’d hit a squirrel in the road just for the fun of it.

    As for Vick, I want to see his dog abusing ass behind bars. I would pay admission to be able to poke him through the bars with a sharp stick.

  8. Um, because he is an ass? Yep, that’s the one.

  9. He had to throw his career away, because he sure as hell couldn’t throw a football. (rim-shot)

    Ya gotta admit though…what a truly weird thing to get involved in. I mean cock-fight and bum-fights are one thing (haven’t we all paid the homeless for some demeaning entertainment?) but doggies? That’s just low…

  10. The adrenaline rush. That’s the only thing I can think of.

  11. Yet another reason I should have left that football on the shelf.

  12. Frank Sucks says:

    Come on girl, you can’t understand how some who makes their living by playing a blood sport enjoys a blood sport?

    And yes, NFL is a blood sport. I doubt that you would have 3 Bucs jerseys if they played flag.

    Mike Vick got caught, he wasn’t very smart. Ron Mexico wasn’t as well. Fighting dogs are wrong, but fighting dogs are everywhere, if you take a look. Most people don’t since watching 250+ plus men collide into each other is blood enough.

    Plus, he ain’t been convicted of anything as of yet, so everything is conjecture.

  13. Redneck Mommy says:

    I’d like to see him put in a ring with a few of those dogs.

    Let the best doggie win.

  14. I think it must be some sort of pathological need for power over another creature. I’ve been trying not to learn too much about this because I think it would make me really, really sad. But I do hope to see him punished severely.

  15. honest to god for the life of me the whole story makes no sense. It’s so terribly sad. what a waste- of the dogs and a talented athlete.

  16. I agree completely.

    And I also agree with Mrs Chicky….. sign me up for a sharp stick..

  17. Honestly, if no one ever mentioned Theissman again, I will be a happy, happy man. I can still HEAR it. And I was, what? 8? Oh, and yes, Mrs. Chicky got it right. Harrison Ford is slightly mean like that.

  18. Bryant Gumble has a show on HBO called Real Sports. i watched it tonight and they had a segment on dog fighting. I had no idea how brutal it was and how depraved the people involved were. If Mikey V did was is reported, and it certainly seems like he did, then he has some serious issues.

    And it’s too bad, because he’s one of the few athletes that I consider “must see.”

  19. Dog Fighting is barbarianism… I hope they throw the book at him… in other news I am in your neighborhood today…

  20. In Chicago dog fighting is huge. With my animal rescue, we get calls from dowtown humane societies asking us to rescue pits because they want ’em out of the city. It’s so sad because those fighting breeds get such a bad wrap. And it’s hard to rehabilitate a dog that has been trained to fight because that’s all he knows. Yet you don’t want to put him to sleep just because of that, but 9 times out of 10 he’s already too far gone and a danger to everyone. Not to mention that small dog theft is prevelant in downtown urban areas because THOSE dogs are used AS BAIT to train the bigger dogs to fight. It’s such a horrible and gut-wrenching thing and I have tried to help educate people about this. When this story hit I was kind of glad for a few reasons: he got caught! and now more people know about it, which is good. I only hope that because of this, more parents are having discussions with their children as to why this is wrong. Hopefully, with education, the cycle will stop, or at least slow down.

  21. I truly fail to see what the big deal is, other than him being involved in gambling. So he killed a few pit-bulls… This breed is a dangerous one, and was designed specifically for what Vick was using them for.

    I’d rather a bunch of pit bulls ripped each other apart than ripping apart children, which happens all the time…

    Plus, I fail to see how everyone has already convicted Vick when there hasn’t even been a trial yet. For all we know, his cohorts are throwing him under the bus just to get their own asses out of trouble. Maybe he did fund it, but it’s also possible that he didn’t know what the money was being used for… Probably not, but it’s possible…

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