The Ring Bear

My friend Corbi is getting married in November. I am going to be a bridesmaid and Ian and Claudia will be making their debut as the ring bearer and the flower girl.

This weekend Claudia and I went and tried on dresses. We had a blast. It was our first real mother/daughter trying on dresses shopping trip. She spun around in the dresses and told me she looked beautiful and pulled the skirts up over her head so that all of the other future brides could see her princess underpants.

I, of course, did what any blogging mother would do and took 15 pictures of her with my cell phone.claudia-flower-girl-dress

Here is the thing that makes this whole story of any interest to you guys.

Ian is convinced that he has to wear a bear costume.

He thinks he is going to be the ring bear.

I can’t seem to convince him otherwise.

One time, about a year and a half ago I saw a cartoon where the kid (maybe it was Arthur or Little Bear I really can’t remember) was going to be a ring bearer and he thought he had to wear a bear suit, but when we saw this episode Ian would not have even been two years old yet, so I’m not sure if that is where he even got this idea.

Either way, how do you explain to someone who can’t read and apparently cannot hear the difference between bear and bear-er no matter how many times you try to explain it.

Also, do you think Corbi and Dan would mind if Ian wore a bear costume? The wedding is only a few days after Halloween. I’m pretty sure I could get my hands on one fairly easily.

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  1. That is a great pic there. And hey, at least she is wearing underpants (yeah Britney Spears, I’m looking at you).

    I see no problems whatsoever with a bear outfit. Maybe Claudia can wear a Little Red Riding Hood outfit to match.

  2. I think a bear costume would only serve to make the wedding more memorable. You should do it for the good of the bride and groom and their new lives together.

  3. giggle. really? giggle.

  4. Maybe he could be a ring giraffe. A giraffe wouldn’t, you know, growl throughout the whole ceremony.

  5. that is so cute that it makes me want to cry.

  6. Try saying it Southern : “ring bear-a”
    That might help!

  7. So cute! When mine were in a wedding, boy was 3 and girl was 5. Boy came up to me at the reception and said: “I’m the ring bearer and I didn’t carry any rings. The flower girls didn’t carry any flowers. What kind of wedding is this, anyway??” (The wedding was in December and the girls had little muffs that they put their hands in instead of carrying flowers….it *was* a strange wedding, with the bride in burgundy….)

  8. Does a ring bear poop in the woods? I guess that would be all right, as long as it doesn’t in the aisle. And if we’re looking to have the ring bear match the flower girl, let’s make him be a ring polar bear.

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    A ring bear would give the wedding that extra ‘something’ that money just can’t buy. I think you should franchise Ian’s idea.

  10. You must talk your friend into letting Ian wear a bear costume. How great would that be in the wedding pictures?

    Although, I suppose he would take some of the attention off the bride. Eh.

  11. I have a nephew who had the same problem – thinking he was going to be a “Ring Bear” so I went with it. I made sure we practiced his “Roar” with his hands above his head, showing his claws.

    The day of the wedding, he didn’t disappoint. The Ring Bear was great.

  12. Matthew – do you have pictures? please.

    Sarah if you can’t talk you friend into letting Ian wear a bear costume, maybe he could carry a stuffed bear instead of that dumb pillow thing.

  13. Oh. My. That is so cute! I LOVE Tracey’s idea. Who lets a preschooler carry a ring anyway?

    Claudia, though — she looks about 15 years old! What a darling!

  14. ProudMary says:

    I think the show you are referring to was an episode of ‘Little Bill’. I remember he went around and said he was going to be a ‘ring bear’ and finally realized he was going to hold the rings. I would tell him he can still be a ring bear, but even ring bears need to wear nice clothes at a wedding.

    Good luck!

  15. If I were the bride, I would insist on a Ring Bear. We have an awesome Bear costume we got from Lillian Vernon, if the need arises…

  16. A “ring bear”.

    If it were my wedding, I’d totally go for that

  17. LOL. A bear suit would be so neat. Somehow I doubt they’d be into it though.

    Claudia looks so cute.

  18. Family lore has it that one of my brothers had the same misconception, once upon a time. He didn’t talk about it in advance, though. No, he growled at the guests all the way up the aisle, and when asked, told our mother that “I was being the best Ring Bear I knew how!”

  19. Tell him that he gets to carry the ring…

  20. She wore princess underpants? Dress shopping? I so would have been afraid Paige would have peed all over the dresses!!

  21. Hey, that’s what my never-been-worn wedding dress looks like.

    Your daughter looks much better in it . . .

  22. If someone showed up at my wedding in a bear suit claiming to be the ring bear I would let them BE the ring bear … it would be hilarious!

  23. Hubby and I think that a ring bear is an awesome idea. Plus, it’s easier to excuse antsy behavior if he’s all dressed up in a costume…

  24. My neighbors little boy thought he was going to be the ring bare. He thought he was going to be naked! So at least you don’t have that one! A bear would be totally cool with me if it were my wedding!

  25. This is why a thesaurus is so handy. Call him ‘A Ring Carrier.’

  26. If Ian so chooses, he is more than welcome to be a ring BEAR at my wedding. Why not? I’m already including frogs! And Claudia could be pick an animal costume too.

  27. I think “ring bear” is totally acceptable! And cute.

  28. hi nice post, i enjoyed it

  29. Tell him he’s the ring BRING-ER.That’s toddler-ese. Tell him everyone ELSE is pronouncing it wrong (bearer).

  30. I looked this up because I have planned to have my best friends son be my ring BEAR! hes hilarious and is one of those guys who will wear his costume long after halloween!

    I dont have a flower girl yet but maybe she should be a flower! haha my wedding will be pretty different from any i have been to… i just want it to be fun!!

  31. I just happened to come across your blog, and wanted to tell you that there is a great book called “The Ring Bear” by N.L Sharpe (i think that is the author) and it is about a little boy who thinks he is going to be the ring bear, and later finds out what it means to be a ring bearer. Great story! I ordered one for my own Ring Bear for my upcoming wedding

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