Best Laid Plans

I had big plans for yesterday.

Well, big plans considering we have been on potty training lock down for over a week now.

We were going to go grocery shopping in the morning, then we were going to go to the pool. Of course, the kids were insane, so even though I began trying to get to the store at 9:00am, by 4:00pm I had completely given up on leaving the house at all and decided to order Chinese food for dinner.

So for today I planned ahead. I started prepping the kids yesterday.

Okay, tomorrow we are going to get up and eat breakfast. Then we are going to go to the doctors office and drop off some paperwork for them to fill out for school. Then we will go to the grocery store. If you guys are good we can go to the pool Sound good?

Then I got them to repeat it back to me. They were ready: doctor, store, pool.

So guess what?


(stupid map wouldn’t copy the words, but I assure you I live where it is raining)

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  1. Have you heard “But you PROOOOOMISED!!!!” yet?

  2. Raining here too… stupid rain!

  3. Mom at Work says:

    Sounds like a bad Dora plot. Doctor, store, pool….except Swiper swiped the sunshine.

  4. I would give my lefty for a drop of rain.

  5. De in D.C. says:

    Now you can move the potty training outside and let them wash themselves when an accident occurs. It’s like nature’s bidet.

  6. Heh heh. Your plans got laid. Heh.

  7. lucky you! we are in the nastiest heat wave ever! i’m dying for rain. it’s disgusting – 100 degrees and SMOG

  8. Poor Babies. Poor Sarah. Don’t worry – Sing it with me. The Sun will come up …. tomorrow…..

    Sorry. :-)

  9. Further proof that mother nature has a wicked ass sense of humor.
    Or you’re being punished for some past life sin.

    You pick.

  10. Yup. Started pouring and thundering right in the middle of PunditGirl’s swim lesson. And pretty much ruined my plan of, we’ll just hang out and get dinner at the pool.

  11. Hey Sarah.
    Maybe you should move to California… where we ONLY get rain in the winter… and just a little.
    Ok, I am rubbing it in. :)

    Actually, I must confess… I am missing the east coast big time – rain or not. However, I don’t miss the humidity because it frizzes my hair!

  12. I finally got to the store at 8:30PM. I cancelled the Doctor until next week and the pool is out of the question becuase someone pooped in it.

    Are we living parallel lives?

    No. My kids use the toilet. Oh snap.

  13. by the way, I am still a tree.

  14. Oh no…. when I originally saw the map and the potty training headline…. I thought maybe the kids peed all over that much of your hometown!!


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