We Are Bossy

We Are Bossy

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A lot of people already knew this (hi Mom and Dad!) but Claudia and I are, in fact, quite bossy.

It’s true. You can ask Gabe and Ian.

(You can get your own fly bossy shirts over at I  am Bossy.)

Special thanks to Bossy herself for adding childrens sizes to her cafe press store.

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  1. is that YOU? You look like a fresh faced teenager!

  2. LOVE the pigtails.

  3. I think you both could also wear “I am heidi” shirts and no one would think anything of it.

    Adorable pic. Maybe I should get a shirt. While I’m confident it would fit my trunk, I think my tree top might be a problem.

  4. I think the matching pigtails are too cute! Love it.

  5. YOU? Bossy? NO…

  6. That’s too cute. I love it.

  7. You look like you are ten years old in that picture! I hope you tried to buy beer like that.

  8. Sarah, you look a lot better in your Bossy shirt than Bossy does. Who can Bossy see about filling-out her own tank top? Do those boob exercises work?

  9. Oh I SOOOOO need to get Paige one of those!!


  10. Oh. Mah. Gaw. Y’all are too cute. I seriously need one of those shirts. And so does Lil E. Poor Bruce, he’s left to bring us snacks and drinks.

  11. That is awesome! :)

  12. Claudia looks older than you here! ahhhahah this is the cutest pic i’ve seen in a long time. big smiles! i love it :)

    p.s. who cares if you’re bossy. you’re awesome and it gives you strength of character. besides you’re a big sister and all big sisters should be bossy :)

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