Randomness Part 86

Well, it is looking like everyone prefers drunken rants to guest posts. Consider it done and done. Now, I have to go get ready for my first fantasy football draft, so I give you Randomness Part 86:

There is no way these guys are going to heaven.

Speaking of not going to heaven, Devra sent me this link to a picture of Billy Graham with Devil Horns. The subject line in the e-mail said: Re: I know you have a thing about “Devil Horns which just so happens to be true.

I love Jeopardy! but I hate Celebrity Jeopardy.

I really had the feeling that writing for eight blogs wasn’t enough. So keep an eye out for the launch of D.C. Metro Moms Blog.

The Kaiser sent me this awesome list that is the 101 rules of black metal. I don’t know who wrote the list, but the #1 rule is “Don’t be gay” and #19 is “Sodomize a virgin whore”. You know – just so you know what you are getting into.

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  1. Whew, I wasn’t sure if they had to be a virgin or not. Those are hard to find ya know. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. I think I dated the guy described in the 101 rules list. We broke up when he tried to sodomize my goat (it was a male goat so I think he was disqualified from the list, but only because he didn’t know hot to tell the gender of a goat).*

    *That whole paragraph is made up.

  3. How hard is it to get ready for your draft? No one else wants your Bucs.

  4. I hate Celebrity Jeopardy too. But I like what SNL does to it.

  5. omg. I have a piano student who is totally into black metal and likes to share his new findings with me. They scream. A lot. And it is frightening. And they ARE all from Norway. The truth in that list is what is so incredibly funny.

    I would so love to send him that list, but I don’t think sending your student something that jokes about sodomizing the virgin whores is a good idea. I’m a good teacher that way.

  6. Been under the gun with back to school and a short-term project, so didn’t get a chance to respond to your initial query. I’m hoping people did point out, of course, that we already think we’re reading sporadic drunken rants from you?

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