Are You Talking to Meme?

I haven’t done a meme in a long time. It isn’t that I mean to not do them, it is just that I forget, and then lose the link or e-mail or whatever. If you tag me and I blow you off, just remind me. I’ll try to get around to it.

What I am trying to tell you is this. Shash tagged me with the eight random facts meme, and although I am breaking the rules by 1) not posting the rules themselves and 2) not tagging anybody else, I don’t really have anything good to write about today, so here are eight completely random things about me.

1) As I type this I can hear my daughter accusing my son of pooping in his pants. Awesome.

2) I was walking around without shoes on this morning and my feet are really dirty.

3) In Jr. High my room was covered in pictures of Duran Duran that I got out of Tiger Beat. Later these pictures were replaced with pictures of Motley Crue, Ratt and other hair metal bands.

4) No matter what Gabe says, I did go to an accredited college. Yes, you heard me, UCF is accredited.

5) I am left handed.

6) As much as I am shocked and offended by what Mike Vick did, I am still glad I got a chance to see him play football in person last year.

7) I hate mustard.

8) The name for my iTunes folder is Dick LeBeau. It isn’t that I have any especially strong feeling towards the coach, I just think it is a hilarious name. Our hard drive is Ted Danson and our back up drives are Bill and Ted.

Feel free to play along if you are bored, but no pressure. 

(How the heck did that smiley face get there? It is supposed to be the number eight.)

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  1. You dirty-footed, poster-hanging, educated, sinister, mustard-hating, football-game-attending, smiley-face-inserting fool, you.

    I got nuthin for the poop.

  2. UCF may be accredited, but it’s a pain in the butt to park there, even with the new parking garages!

    Thanks for playing Sarah!!


  3. Do they offer upper level courses at UCF?

  4. If you want new name suggestions for iTunes, how about naming it after Nascar driver Dick Trickle?

  5. your smileys are auto-translating for you. put a space between the 8 and the ) and it should go away. like this:

    8 )

  6. Oooh, hair metal. My first concert was Whitesnake. Great White opened for them. Oh. Yeah.

  7. And as for good names you can use to name things, how about Amazing Race producer Bertram van Munster? I kind of wish I could rename one of my children.

  8. So, had he pooped in his pants or was she shamelessly trying to draw attention away from her?

  9. You’ve been awarded. Come visit me to see!

  10. Stimey is my new hero. My mom wouldn’t let me go to the Whitesnake concert. So instead, my first TWO concerts were Amy Grant.


  11. My iPod is named Fred and my feet are always dirty, from wearing sandals in NYC.

  12. I think I would open a vein if anyone ever made me sit through an Amy Grant concert.
    Unless she was doing a duet with Marilyn Manson.

    I’d pay to see that. Just bcse I’m fairy sure he’d kill and eat her.

  13. I love memes. I know that might be considered gauche in blogland, but I love to get to know my blog friends a little better.
    And: I wear my Keens every. single. day. (unless I’m wearing my precious Crocs)–so my feet are almost always dirty.

  14. HA HA Tiger Beat!! I wonder if that rag is still around!!

  15. Death to mustard!

  16. I have Duran Duran’s autographs. (well, Simon and Nick.) Do you like me even more now?

  17. Tiger Beat! Oh, nostalgia.

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