Is Castro dead or not?

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  1. According to Perez Hilton. But how is it possible that HE is getting the scoop?

  2. Let’s hope so!
    Actually, I think he probably is dead but Cuba is going keep up appearances for as long as they can.

  3. I think he died a few years ago and Cuba had been playing a Weekend at Bernie’s on us.

  4. Yes. He’s dead or not.

  5. I hope so…I so want to go to Cuba. I romanticize the place ever since Hemmingway.

  6. Frank Sucks says:

    Bring out your dead….

    But I’m not dead yet.

    Yes, but you soon will be….

  7. Yes, of course he’s dead. Right?!

  8. WHA??? i’m confused.

    though i do kind of agree with the weekend at bernie’s idea…when he fell down the stairs and broke his elbow? someone let go of a string or two there…

  9. according to, he’s just fine:

    “PHILADELPHIA Phillies emergency starter Fabio Castro was effectively wild. He walked six. He threw more balls (48) than strikes (40). But only one of those walks hurt him during a five-inning stint Thursday in the Phillies’ 5-2 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. “

  10. I’m in the Weekend at Bernie’s Camp….. he’s been dead for a while

  11. According to the NYTimes, the Castro has become a “gift-shop ghetto,” ( I think that it’s a bit harsh to declare it dead.


    That Castro. Dunno. All I want to know is when we can get the good rum and cigars again.

  12. Okay so what IS the deal?

    Is he dead or what?

  13. Very much alive, as in not dead yet. Speaking as a former newsie, I can tell you that there is NO way it would be questionable if he were gone; we’d be throwing up from all the retrospectives and photo essays and talking heads. When it happens you’ll see.

    Hope the beach is great – your dollar store essay reminded me how I relied on Woolworth’s when my kids were little. Are they even around anymore? They had everything from Trapper Keepers to flip flops to curry powder….

  14. I’d say it’s quite alive. You should be there Gay Pride weekend or Halloween.

    Oh, wait, you meant Fidel? I thought you meant the “gay” district in San Francisco.

  15. Who???

    Just kidding! He’s alive…

  16. So dead. And so is Generalissimo Francisco Franco — at least that’s what Chevy Chase claims.

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