Rethinking Your Decision

I know that you people voted almost unanimously for drunken rants from my vacation instead of guest posts, but I just read my last two posts.

After I fixed a bunch of spelling errors (at least now my post from yesterday makes more sense – sort of) I began wondering if you aren’t regretting your choice.

You can still request guest posters. Actually, if you want I could probably even peer pressure Aunt Bob and LHM into guest posting live from my laptop.

Now that I’m thinking more about it, odds are that it would just be more drunken ranting anyway.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll just post pictures.

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  1. crazymumma says:

    Keep with the drunken posts. They are funny.

    some of my best stuff seems to come out when i have had a few….

  2. I agree with crazymumma, keep with the drunken posts; they are funny.

    Though drunken pictures might be good as well.

  3. Drunken rants + drunken cell phone pictures = best. post. ever.

  4. Actually, my vote would be for video, but then I’d have to embed the effing code for you. Again. Plus, then you would be copying ME – go see, it’s stupid but funny.

  5. yes, yes, what Karen said. i demand video. and a british accent too. :)

  6. De in D.C. says:

    I’ve throughly enjoyed the drunken posting thus far. Keep up the good work!! 😀

    (And drunken pictures would be even better!)

  7. Frank Sucks says:

    Nice drunk shot on the other blog.

  8. Photos are fine and so are typos. :)

  9. I think that you should have a drunken post from each one of you.

  10. why can’t we have guest posters AND drunken rants?
    i mean, don’t we deserve the best of everything?

  11. I could barely get it together enough for drunken comments, I would never have managed an entire post.

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