Your Money Is Mine, Blog Pound

We interrupt our normal schedule of drunken rants to talk trash.

Tonight is the Blog Pound fantasy football draft. In honor of this, I present you with a list of people whose money will be mine come January.

(In alphabetical order – just like on Dallas)



Child’s Play x2




LA Daddy

Marginally Clever


More Diapers

Queen of Spain

So what should I buy?

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  1. Who got Vick?

  2. And remembering your performance from last year, you’re basing your trash talk on what now?

  3. Assuming that you do as well as you did in the Smack Talkers Anonymous draft, here’s hoping that you have lots of spare cash. I hear that MetroDad would like an Aston Martin DB9 for his prize when he takes you down.

  4. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Oh, man. I didn’t make it into a league this year and didn’t even think to ask if you were setting one up.

  5. Buy more booze, obviously!

  6. I’m gonna spank you like a toddler, Sarah. You AND your little Howie Long crush. Bring it!

  7. Well, a nice digital camera would do – like the one I bought after I kicked your butt last year.

  8. More housecleaning and a nanny day. 😉


    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  9. Ho-hum. One more league to dominate… luckily this is my last draft. I’ve already sealed up four other championships…


  10. Take Howie Long and the Buc’s defense…yeah, Vick too..and maybe tom brady because he’s cute

  11. umm i think maybe something for yourself? wait, is that one of those drunken rants?

  12. You know, through the first half of draft you were SOLID…very good picks. Then…well, let’s just say I hope you’ve got a good grip on something bolted the floor, cause there’s strong sucking coming from that direction.

    So long, Sarah…

  13. Good luck Sarah! I’m rooting for you. Okay, and Erin, too.

    Only because I know both y’all would kick my ass if I had to choose!

  14. Michael Vick. yuk yuk.

  15. Howie Long is totally cute.

  16. oooh. I loved Dallas

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