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Randomness Part 88

A drunk guy tried to kill and eat a hotel’s pet duck. (Thanks LHM) It is funnier than it sounds. I promise. Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, exploding barns, chicken cars, Bojangles… go ahead. Look. It’s all one video. If you still have faith in your state government you should watch this video Suebob posted on […]

I’m Going to Need an Explanation

I’m Going to Need an Explanation Originally uploaded by Sarah606 I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday. The kids and I were on our way home from the grocery store when I passed this boat on the road. We had to turn around to take the picture. Who has the best explanation for […]

You May Want to Avert Your Eyes

Guess who dressed herself this morning?

You People Just Aren’t Right

Yesterday I asked for your input on my second traffic experiment. I asked you to come up with a term that would bring traffic to my site. It is very interesting to take a look into the minds of my readers. I’ll let you see for yourselves. Arwen said: Chocolate Chip Cookies that make you […]

An Open Letter to the Clock on My Oven

Dear Oven Clock, You don’t have a feature that involves the date. So why do you care if it is am or pm when I reset you? You don’t even have an am or pm display? You are just screwing with me, aren’t you. Admit it. Jerk. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t […]

Traffic Experiment #2 – Audience Participation: A Contest

Do you guys remember when I did the Brad Pitt Butt Traffic Experiment? For those of you that are new I will fill you in – I was (am still am) amazed by how many hits I get on this blog for people searching for “Doodlebops without makeup”. I decided to see what would happen […]


I don’t have anything good again today, so to entertain you I offer another episode of “Search Term that Have Brought People Here”. I’ve let my sitemeter upgrade expire, so this may be one of the last ones of these, so I hope you like it.  Before we get into these today can I just ask you why […]


I’ve got nothing interesting to tell you today. It was another day of separation anxiety (Claudia, not me. I love being apart.) and poopy underpants. You guys tell me something funny, or send me a funny link. I need to be cheered up. — Spellcheck doesn’t think poopy is a word. Clearly Spellcheck does not […]

If You Pay Attention it Makes Sense

Besides just having fabulous metabolisms and growing up as well as out, I have often wondered how little kids can eat so much garbage (Claudia pretty much exists on a diet of pasta, grilled cheese, cereal, french fries and goldfish – Dr. Atkins is spinning in his grave) and stay so thin. Today it hit […]

I’ve Said it Before

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How ’bout them Bucs? Tampa Bay -24 St. Louis – 3 Now I’m off to do some celebratory vacuuming. [photo: Scott Audette/AP Photos]

You’ll Never Guess What is in My Kid’s Pants

You will never guess what I found in Claudia’s pull up this morning. I’m serious. Make three guesses, then click on more to see if you were right.

My Friends Have Cool Friends

My Friends Have Cool Friends Originally uploaded by Sarah606 Check it out – Mike Ditka, Aunt Bob and Gale Sayers. Clearly her job is cooler than mine. I bet neither of these guys spit zucchini on her yesterday. I mean – we didn’t discuss it, but I think it is safe to assume that they […]