The Mystery Bruise

When I was on vacation I ended up with a mystery bruise on my thigh.

You know – one of those bruises that you just don’t have any idea where it came from?

I was completely clueless, but I had been doing a lot of swimming with little kids and a lot of drinking with the adults after the kids went to bed. So really it could have come from anywhere.

Then – I bashed my bruise on the corner of the dresser in the room I was sleeping in. Again, apparently. It was extraordinarily painful.

Mystery solved.

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  1. Wow, that was funny–only because I’ve been there. I keep thinking either my husband or one of the cats smacked me in the middle of the night. Turns out I wind up doing it all to myself!


  2. I’d be more concerned with a mysterious hickie than a bruise 😉

  3. I am wondering about the comment that you were extraordinarily painful. How are you extraordinarily painful?

    Ah yes, I added a “t” to that “I” and now it makes much more sense.

  4. And the crack in your skull?

  5. tag, you’re it. tell us what middle name your mom gave you with Sarah. and drop by and see my ramblings.

  6. My sister-in-law calls those UPI’s…Unidentified Party Injuries :o)

  7. I hate when that happens!

  8. The logistics are bothering me. If you were sleeping “IN” the room, then how would you bash yourself “ON” the corner? Wouldn’t you have to be sleeping outside of the room? Or is this a room that has corners that are indented? If it is a room with indented corners, I want pictures. I’ve never seen such a room let alone slept in it and injured myself mysteriously.

    I’ve had many mystery bruises in my lifetime, so I totally can relate to that happening. It’s the logistics that are confusing me.

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