You’ll Never Guess What is in My Kid’s Pants

You will never guess what I found in Claudia’s pull up this morning.

I’m serious. Make three guesses, then click on more to see if you were right.

If you guessed seventy-seven cents you were right.

Three quarters and two pennies. loose change

They were just in her pull up. I mean – I know her pants have been riding curiously low lately, but I didn’t think anyone would actually put loose change in her butt crack.

Coin slot is just a figure of speech, right?

On the other hand, if my kid is crapping change:

1) I’ll start feeding her more zucchini, and

2) I don’t blame her for not wanting to poop in the potty.

Maybe this could pay for college.  That would be awesome.

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  1. Busy Boy was like that. He could change a dollar from his pants, and, offer you a handful of M&Ms.

    M&Ms don’t melt in your hand, but…

  2. But who put it there??? Never an easy answer with twins I bet.

  3. 1. the letter C
    2. small rodent
    3. a loose wheel

  4. Damn, I was wrong on all counts!

    But that would be awesome if she craps change. Almost makes all those dirty diapers worth it.

  5. I guessed a guitar pick, a pacifier, or a turd in the shape of New Jersey. I would have never guessed coins, but I’m now making a note to myself to only accept foldable money from you. Is Ian still fixated on gelt, by the way? Does this development explain things or make the situation much, much weirder?

  6. I am shaking both of my kids down tonight when we get home. 77 cents is 77 cents, man!

  7. I guessed poop (worth a shot), crayons, and cheerios.
    So, not really close at all.

  8. Where do you leave your loose change? Seriously though I never got close. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I guessed 1) Dora the Explorer 2) cheerios 3) a baby wipe. but nothing compares to the truth! that is hilarious. as mike would say – she’s a true ****. already saving up her money for a benz. haha. we’ll be in tampa november 17th-23rd, when will you be there? yay!

    ****edited to remove my maiden name

  10. I guessed money! Do I get a prize? I didn’t guess exactly seventy-seven cents, but still…money!

    Cindy-Lu has been known to shove money down her diaper every now and again, too.

  11. Which one of you has been taking the twins to a strip club?

  12. 1. Bottle of tequila
    2. A quarter
    3. A Goonsquad Sarah bottle opener

  13. Wow! I was actually close to correct and I did NOT cheat!

    So now can we tell her she is “Money”?

  14. The use of the word “coin slot” made me snort. Loudly.

    My first guess was a frog. I’m glad it was money instead. Speaking of…can I borrow her for a little while?

  15. I think you just hit the jackpot–you have a daughter that poops coins. 😛

  16. Hmm mine had a plastic brick once but never any money. I feel gypped.

    Isn’t 77 cents about the cost of a pull-up?

    Using My Words

  17. If she is crapping change? You need to figure out how, and share the secret. All I’ve ever gotten is a couple of french fries (I think he was saving them for later? Ew?).

  18. I don’t know why I was thinking marbles. But then I thought “NOTHING,” which would mean potty training success.

    Just curious: does her outfit today have pockets?

  19. Yesterday Eric was putting love bugs in his pants.

  20. i guess i was thinking a plastic lizard. however, its only because i read an article online about a REAL lizard eating a plastic one. they thought it was giving birth so they took it to the vet. he tranqued the lizard and pulled. and voila. toy lizard…

  21. I’m rendered speechless, which is quite a feat.

    I’m also laughing to myself and the people around me are wondering what’s so funny. Somehow, I’m not sure a Starbuck’s full of teenagers and old folks would get the pure hilarity in finding seventy cents in one’s child’s pull ups that funny.

    Well, maybe the old folks…

  22. Better loose change than loose bowels.

  23. 1. a quarter
    2. crayons
    3, a bottle-opener keychain.

    I was close on my first guess

  24. I was going to guess beans. Don’t know why…seems one of my kids put dried beans in their pants. Wouldn’t it have been great to catch her in the act. Funny.

  25. All I could think was poo because I’m all class.

    I once drunkenly put money down a girls pants because her pants were so low riding we decided it looked like a coin slot. We warmed the money up to skin temperature first and thought she had not noticed. But she got about $10 in change from us by the end of the night. I think we were had.

  26. Take it all to the bank!

  27. found you through the fish and couldn’t resist sharing this video, which was my first lesson on the slang use of “coin slot.”

    what is happening to the english language?

  28. I was going to say elmo, a guitar pic, and some change. I swear.

    Only because my kids are currently obsessed with change. And we try and explain its dirty-but they really dont’ seem to care

  29. Haha.. I’m still laughing about it. I’d love a coin crapping kid. I’d be rich!

  30. Yeah! Keep that gravy train rollin’!

    Who knows – it could start turning into paper money! And what a perfect place to have paper appearing! Just make sure you wash it, yanno, afterwards…

  31. That’s pretty cool, but you might have trouble hiring a baby-sitter by telling them they can keep whatever they find in the diapers.

  32. I guessed Mumbles from Happy Feet, Grandma’s dentures and a gat, in case another toddler disrespected her and she had to get all “New Jack City” on them.


  33. At least the money wasn’t IN the poo, right?


  34. How funny! I remember my youngest son complaining about his bottom, tugging at his pull-ups and then me discovering a plastic dinosaur inside his pullups. No wonder he was complaining.


  35. Oh man, that is so unfair, all I ever find inside my daughter’s nappy is, well, a whole big pile of “you-know-what”!!! What are you feeding this child??? My hat off to you!!

  36. Too funny! Sounds like you hit a gold mine.. keep digging.

  37. I guessed a Strawberry Shortcake doll, a lego, and a blankie. I found one of each (not at the same time) in one of the chix cloth diapies. Fortunately, they were potty training at the time and none were soiled in any way.

  38. Wow! Your kid lays money?

    Mine only lays poop. :(

    I’ll trade ya’!

  39. Tell the truth, you wrote about this just so you’ll be able to write good a “guess how people found me” post soon.

  40. Wow – I did not guess money. I guessed a frog and then cheerios. And then I got too impatient to take another guess so I went straight to the answer. :) Hilarious. I never found anything too strange in my daughter’s pullups, unless you count her fingers (she was really into twiddling around down there…)

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