An Open Letter to the Clock on My Oven

Dear Oven Clock,

You don’t have a feature that involves the date. So why do you care if it is am or pm when I reset you? You don’t even have an am or pm display? You are just screwing with me, aren’t you.

Admit it.



It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to reset you every single time my power blinked off for two seconds. But I do.

So, let’s quit playing games, you and I? Deal?



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  1. when the power would blink out (once a week in our townhouse) the microwave would demand to know the time, date and YEAR before it would even turn on the counter light.

    we need to fight back. it’s starting, the revolution.

  2. But why is it that you care? And don’t get me started on that frickin’ smart clock of mine. When Congress moved Daylight Savings up, I had to tell the clock we were going to Denver for three weeks so it would tell the correct time. Smart clock, my ass!

  3. I for one welcome our appliance overlords. Sorry.

    Our microwave gets very pushy whenever the power flickers. It’s display will demand “PUSH CLOCK” in a very annoying flashy way. The first time it did this I was like ok, why. After pushing clock it gives another very direct order for the next button it would like you to press, this goes on for 5 or 6 button presses.

    I recently discovered if you ignore it’s orders for several days the display will go blank, which is fine with me as the clock on the stove is all of 2 feet away. I just worry if I have actually won or if it is plotting its next move.

  4. Two words: Appliance Cult.

    Our microwave is similarly brain washed.

  5. Or is it simularly? Damn microwave.

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