I’m Going to Need an Explanation

I’m Going to Need an Explanation

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I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday.

The kids and I were on our way home from the grocery store when I passed this boat on the road. We had to turn around to take the picture.

Who has the best explanation for why and how this boat got here?

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  1. The was floaded the night before and someone took the boat to get to work. On the way, the road dried up (quite suddenly, of course) and left that person stranded. So, they had to ditch the boat & walk the rest of the way to work.

    Then again, maybe it just fell off of the trailer.

  2. Does Noah live in your neighborhood and does he know something we don’t?

  3. If that’s the one on 50 it has been there for a few weeks. We were thinking that someone lifted the trailer and left the boat!

  4. SOMEBODY is pissed off about that one. When we went to see the Dodgers a few weeks ago, we saw this:

    It stayed there about 2 weeks. Oops.

  5. Somebody was bored with just parallel parking cars and needed a real challenge.

  6. Somebody failed the parallel parking part of their boat license test, so the just left the boat where they parked it.

  7. Aliens came down and tried to magnetically affix the boat to their spaceship, after all, who doesnt like to paddle a boat on jupiter now and again? but the magnetic field broke by a passing semi and they lost it over the interstate before they could get it hauled in.

  8. Bitter ex-wife???

  9. Joe redneck was out fishing in his boat where he consumed to way to many beers, thus forgetting to “tie” the boat to the trailer which isn’t to big a deal until you hit 45 or 50 on the highway. ” Not that this has ever happened to me or my redneck friends” 😉

  10. Did you ever see Bad Boys 2 when the bad guys sent all the cars off of the car holding truck to try and smush my husband Will? Maybe it was something like that, but with boats…or boat?

  11. So that’s where my boat is!

  12. Do you know how much it rained last night? Are the animals in your neighborhood gathering up two by two?

    (Honestly, I don’t care about the actual story, I want to know what story the driver told the officer who pulled him over . . . “Why yes, officer, I do know how fast I was going. I was doing exactly 25 knots . . .”)

  13. The boat’s captain stayed up until 2am last night/this morning playing 90s Trivial Pursuit and drinking beer?

  14. Invisible, extremely localized tsunami?

  15. Damn, Nap Warden beat me to it!

  16. Is it parked near a high school? When I was in highschool many of us were driving boats.

  17. It all started with a bottle of Hot Damn…

  18. Was it signed by OJ? Maybe some of this memorabilia?


    – Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  19. Easy! It ran out of gas! :)

  20. Pulled over to take a pee in the woods

  21. That looks a little silly! Maybe someone was getting revenge.

  22. nice parking lot for a boat. lol

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