I’m Kind of Slow – Delurk

Wow. Apparently today was some sort of NaMoDeLuMoFo or something day. I didn’t even know about it until really late in the afternoon. I guess I’m not really up with what all of the cool kids are doing.
Basically it is all about delurking and how commenting has been slow in the blogging arena, and calling people mofos. Of course, now that I told you I’m not cool and I called you a mean name you might not want to admit that you hang out here.

But if you aren’t terribly busy, please take a second just to say hi and that you are out there.

I’ll be harassing you again about this on the regular delurking day. So, be prepared with some sort of clever comeback. Or you can just pester me about my bad spelling, like everyone did on the last post.

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  1. lurk lurk lurk

  2. Lurking in my feed reader most days. . .


  3. I love your blog, and read it regularly. :) Delurking to say thanks for making me laugh.

  4. hi sweetie – much love to you and your cuties

  5. Hi! Since you so kindly de-lurked at my site, I was able to find yours! Its great!

    I’ll be back…. and no, that really isn’t as threatening as it sounded.. lol.. :)

  6. A day late, as usual. My excuse? There was hockey!

  7. I’m a day late, and only occasionally lurk, but I thought I’d say Hi anyway. So, Hi anyway!

  8. Hey.

  9. Dizzayum… you’ve got some lurkers!

    I’m totally a day late. Not so much a lurker as a slave to my Google Reader. And also, just a wee bit in the lazy department, too.

  10. I get here the old fashioned way because I still don’t understand Google reader.

    One day I hope to understand it. Probably the same day your Gnome costume arrives.

  11. Hi!

    I lurk. I lurked with my other blog from a few years ago too. and we have met before (though breifly and I doubt you would remember.)

    but hi!

  12. I’m late. I missed the big day. But delurking anyway. Hi-dere.

  13. Delovely delurking.

  14. *waves* Mofos. Indeed.

  15. I’m a really bad lurker these days. But hi, I still read every day.


  16. sorry, i was off traveling…so i’m even later than you.
    but, hello!
    happy mocommentfoday, or whatever the hell it is.

  17. Do I count as a lurker? I don’t comment enough, but you know I’m here, right?

  18. I’ve been out of touch being a new granny and all,(designing all the handy baby stuff that I didn’t have time to do when I was a new mom),,but I love to lurk here…

  19. I am here, among…tons!

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