Another SATGS PSA: On Loudness (not the Japanese Heavy Metal Band)

fisher-price-cd-karaoke-sing-along-playerIf you happen to have one of these for the love of God, don’t show your children how to work the volume control.

You are welcome.

Now, where the hell did I put my Advil?

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  1. That’s what hammers are for. When the kids are asleep of course.

  2. I saw Loudness open for Ratt. I think we’re the only two people that remember them.

  3. I can’t hear in my left ear because of one of those things. We have a similar one and Dawson took it to bed with me and Doug (he didn’t want to sleep in his own bed). I woke up to something singing (yelping or screeching?), loudly in my ear. It was awful.

  4. My daughter got one from a relative. The dual mikes are so annoying it’s beyond belief. If the mikes get too close to each other or the tape player itself or if someone looks at them wrong they give off feedback. Loud super annoying feedback. Our 3 year old and our 18 month old would each have mike and be squealing into it despite the feedback.

  5. Stay clear of ANYTHING with a microphone!

  6. And one more plus about being a hearing impaired mom

  7. Who in the world dislikes you enough to give one of those to your children?

    It sure would be a shame if the batteries fell out or that got lost one day while they were at school…

  8. Why why why do childrens toys the ability to be turned UP?
    I’d also like to know why some CHATTER when they haven’t been played with for a while.
    I mean – I know why in terms of their pea brained marketing dept. But – did they even test group the damn things? Cuz – toys that talk to me at 3am scare the shit out of me.

  9. Excellent metal band pull.

  10. Frank Sucks says:

    They really don’t know ya do they Mistress of the Night?

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