Dumbledore is Gay

Dumbledore-gayYou know, I’ve read 6 1/2 of the Harry Potter books and I never picked up on Dumbledore being gay.

Great. Here comes the Christian Coalition again. I think I can smell the books burning from here.

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  1. It sounds like she pulled it out of her rear end sort of recently, to me. I never picked up on it either, but then again, never wondered one way or another. I’d say too bad about how you are right about the CC and burning, but she sounds gleeful at the prospect.

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  2. Maybe book sales and publicity were down. Don’t get my born-again brother started — he already thinks Harry Potter is devil.

  3. Hmm. I’ve been seeing that headline all over the place. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

  4. Really? I thought she wrote Dumbledore’s character “asexual” on purpose.

  5. That’s why he always taps his foot when he’s in his magic stall.

  6. unfortunately the first thing i thought of is that this would give the “cult” christians something to complain about. because i dont claim them as real christians. i think they think they are, but they’re just a bit too involved in other people’s lives to be true christians you know what i mean….. i dont get the point of “revealing it” now although i agree i thought most of the teachers were written asexual as to not confuse the storyline too much. umm. that’s all i have to say about that. i could give a flying f… less who’s gay and who’s not. real or imaginary i just hope everybody’s getting some. oh and that they’re happy. cheers!

  7. I don’t understand her motivation for disclosing this tid-bit. Who cares?! Does it matter? It has no relevance to the story, not any that I’ve noticed. Not to mention it’s just adding fuel the CC’s fire. Hmph….
    If tolerance and understanding is what she’s going for by dropping this bomb on everyone, it should have been an underlying plot in the story. Now I’m just confused.

  8. I can’t believe that! Surely she just made it up. However I guess I was the only member of the family to be surprised when my cousin came out of the closet, so maybe he is gay and I just never noticed.

  9. oh well. shouldn’t matter to anyone.

  10. I never read any of the books or saw any of the movies, but I’ve seen pictures of him.
    He seems to have a penchant for hats.
    So, I’m soooo not surprised.
    (no, that’s right, I didn’t read them, and I didn’t see the movies. Bite my ass I have three REALLY LITTLE KIDS)

  11. I never guessed either, but then again, I can’t figure out why this matters. So, Dumbledore is gay? Eh. Snape an arsebite, but that never made the news (LOL!)

    Unfortunately, I think you’re right about the book burnings. *sigh* Gotta love a closed mind…

  12. I am not a Harry Potter fan. So I have no idea what you’re talking about. However, I think it’s funny they included a character with that name :)

  13. WTF? Are you saying that JKR put that in the news? Again I say, WTF? I always figured the Hogwarts professors did not have relationships that we knew about because they had wholeheartedly thrown themselves into magic and were therefore the best witches and wizards and therefore the best qualified to teach the kids. Why on earth would Dumbledore’s sexuality have anything to do with anything in any of the books?

  14. Okay, sorry, I missed the link. But then I went and read what JK Rowling said, and actually that explanation helps a lot with the Grindelwald thing. Makes it more believable. Because Dumbledore was so extremely smart that he would have known what Grindelwald was (a baddy), really. Being smitten & therefore wanting to fool himself about GG makes good sense. So I guess spilling that wasn’t completely random.

  15. Oh, she totally threw that out there to piss off the people who have been pissing her off for years now. LOL.

    Personally, I think you COULD infer he’s gay from Book 7, but she never gave details of any of the teacher’s love lifes, aside from Snape. None of the teachers had loves, unless you count Hagrid and his love kinda disappeared, didn’t she?

    Jo’s a smart woman. She’s totally poking the bear.

  16. He’s an aging high school/jr. high teacher. You’re not supposed to think about his sexuality. Unless things have changed since I was in school, the last thing high school students want to think about is who the gray-haired teachers are doing it with.

  17. Alison,
    That is exactly what I thought too. It’s a teacher, they aren’t supposed to have private lives. They live AT SCHOOL. Just witness any child’s reaction to seeing their teacher in a grocery store. It’s akin to an alien encounter in the breakfast foods aisle.

  18. MathleteSarah says:

    I think she likes to piss off the christians, plus now she’ll sell even more books. She ROCKS!

    As for the teachers living at school… I teach 7th grade and it is very funny to run into one of my students in the mall, they act like I escaped prison and need to be put back immediately.

  19. Teeheehee. Your last line made me laugh.

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