It All Depends on What Scary Means to You

This weekend we’re flying down to Florida for Corbi’s wedding. I am going to be a bridesmaid and Ian and Claudia are going to be the ring bearer and the flower girl.

The kids seem a little bit confused about what a wedding is. They have never been to one before and Ian wants to know if I will still be his Mommy at the wedding and Claudia wants to know if I will still have the same face.

Yeah, that same face thing, I have no idea what that means but she has been asking about it for months.

Anyway, I came up with the genius idea today of showing The Goon Squad my wedding video. Even though I didn’t have a flower girl or a ring bearer I figured that it would give them a better idea of what a wedding was all about.

We were watching the video (Claudia kept saying that Grandpa had the same glasses and I had the same neck – whatever that means) and the kids were fascinated. They especially liked it that Daddy had a ponytail and so did Mark and Uncle Mike. Claudia, in normal girl fashion, loved my big white dress and all of the flowers.

Then Ian said   – Uh, oh! I think something scary is about to happen.

Me: Nothing scary is going to happen. It was a happy day.

Ian: But something bad is going to happen.

Me: Nope. I was there. nothing bad happened. It was a wonderful day. It was the day I married your father.

Ian: But, nothing scary happens the whole time?

Me:Well, later at the reception Todd breakdances. I guess that part is kind of scary.

Bride cigar
I didn’t tell him this, but there was something else that scared me a little bit. I got married in October of 1999. We’ve been married for eight years and now my wedding video is starting to look dated. I mean, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, (I’m already to the point in my life where my hair in my senior picture* makes me cringe) but part of me still feels like it all happened so recently. Growing up is strange.


* Sorry, I was going to show you my senior picture, but I couldn’t find a copy. Who has one? Lori? Mom?

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  1. My son kept asking me where he was. I kept explaining it was before he was born. I thought he got it. But then he’d ask again, “But where am I?”

  2. I’ve got a couple years marriage on you, and my dress was one of the last PUFFY shoulder long sleeve jobs. I look like an 80s soap star. Yours still looks very new and fresh to me. :)

  3. My wedding pics and video are a nightmare to watch. I was so young. So was my husband. And my hair…oh, how did I leave the house with hair like that????

  4. Get the book Lilly’s Big Day (Kevin Henkes of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse). Lilly is dying to be a flower girl but ends up being the flower girl coach (or something like that).

    Seeing Gabe in a ponytail is a little disconcerting, sort of like seeing my husband with hair.

  5. Breakdancing? Scary. Your wedding photos? Cool. Or as one of my daughters (the tall one) would say, “Cold.”

  6. De in D.C. says:

    Aside from the scary hair on the males (yours is lovely m’dear), the pictures are perfectly timeless.

  7. I hear ya. I got married umm six years before you and yeah, it looks pretty dated.

    LOL at Ian wanting something scary to happen.

    Hope everyone enjoys the wedding.

    Using My Words

  8. Um, I’m pretty sure I have one of your senior pics somewhere. I’ll see what I can dig up.
    Have fun at the wedding. Take notes if you see anything cool!

  9. Is that seriously you???

  10. Dated? Maybe. But you look so good, so who cares?

  11. Has anyone around Claudia described getting the make up process as, “putting on their face.” The women in my family used to describe putting on makeup that way and it confused me as a kid. Hope nothing scary happens at the wedding!

  12. There is an Arthur book about Arthur being a ring bearer. I read it to Mitchell when he was a ringbearer and it really helped him understand what he was about to do.
    Also,if the wedding is being held in a church, you may want to ask what kind of crucifix are in the sanctuary. Does it have Jesus on it, or is it merely a Cross?

    I asked so I could be prepared, if necessary, to explain why there was a man hanging from a plus sign since in synagogues we don’t have crucifixes. (crucifi?)

  13. Maybe they are trying to tell you you look scary without makeup? (jk)

  14. I got married in ’99 too, except I look the same.
    Does that mean I dress like an old man?

    And by the way– I wish somebody brokedance at my wedding!

  15. JamesMommy says:

    When I was about Claudia’s age, I was looking at my parents’ wedding pictures and told my mom, “I knew you must have looked better.” Yeah, not one of my better moments! I don’t think your pics look dated…they are gorgeous. The thing that often strikes me is how (especially the guys for some reason) look like skinny little kids playing dress-up in the tuxes.

  16. I’m dying to know what kind of music you played during your wedding to make Ian think something scary is about to happen. Was it ominous? On an organ? (Heh, I said “organ.”)

  17. I wonder if Claudia means are you going to go all “make-uppy” on her with regard to your face.

    Having had two bastards — it’s okay, I can call them that ’cause they’re mine — our wedding pictures show them in the wedding, the eldest holding our hands and the daughter in a backpack on my back.

  18. I love that Ian was waiting for the scary and it makes me want to watch your video to see just how ominous your wedding was. Also, Claudia? The face thing is totally normal.

  19. Something scary? If you ever figure out why he’s asking this, I bet there’s a good story behind it. I love that the kids are old enough now to say fun stuff … things that we don’t even understand!

    (But that makes me feel even older than my pictures.)

  20. If your video looks dated you can only imagine Bossy’s…. its teeth are yellow and it’s curling up along the edges.

  21. My wedding dress was a little too big for me (it was loose, and that shows in the pictures, which aren’t online). But I felt like a princess in it, so it was the right dress.

  22. He didn’t think the kiss was scary? If I could find my 19 year old video I think my MIL would scare my kids. Their grandma cried through the whole service. Her baby boy was being stolen! Scary.

  23. That’s an awesome shot. My video almost has a fat dude getting into a speedboat. Thankfully, Scout is blocking it from view.

  24. Something scary? Did you have organ music? I wonder if he thought the music was ominous in some way, leading to a classic movie-style climax.

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