Sometimes I am Such a Girl

I have a lot of traditionally masculine interests. I love football. I love beer. I used to be in a garage band. I have a lot of guy friends. I (along with Kemp) started a sports blog.

In fact, as I type this I am watching “Inside the NFL” which I TiVo every week.

Keeping this in mind, (as well as the fact that I am addicted to Bravo reality television) last night we stayed up late watching “Project Runway” (which Gabe says he watches in hope of seeing side boob). Last week the special guest judge was Sarah Jessica Parker who I cannot stand, so when they said there was another celebrity this week I rolled my eyes. Then the designers walked into the room and there was Tiki Barber.

I squealed.tiki and ronde barber

Like a girl.

I was so ashamed.

I couldn’t help it. I love the Barbers.*

And all of those designers that cried when they saw Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t even know who Tiki Barber was! The only one who recognized him was the one straight guy. I guess that helped me feel a little bit tougher.

* Even though they are identical twins I think Ronde better looking, but that is only because he is wearing a Bucs jersey.

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  1. Just so you know…you are not alone in loving these guys! :)

  2. I think they’re delicious myself.

  3. we? might be twins :)

  4. Hmmm… that might explain why I think Tiki is better looking.

  5. that man was so fine looking, i watched the show again later last night.
    and i think i’m going to know a lot more about the NFL now.

  6. Oh yes, Tiki is freakin’ amazing! (He’d better be, with a name like Tiki). Have you evah seen such a smile? I feel woozy…

  7. You know me. Well, maybe you don’t. I’d pick the twins over SJP any day. (Am I the ONLY one who remembers Square Pegs?)

  8. My question is why are men so obsessed with side boob?

  9. I love that episode of Project Runway. I’m not sure they picked the right winner, though. I liked the navy fleece blazer.

    Also, hilarious in that episode, was watching all the queens swoon over the half-naked male models.

  10. I’m going to have to remember to close my windows on Wednesday if you keep squealing like that. I could hear you all the way in Centreville. It was like you were in my house. Oh wait. That was me. I was also squealing over Tiki. I couldn’t help myself. The man is FINE. Fyyyyyyyyne. You get it. You know what I mean.

  11. LOL…Classic!

  12. Here’s what impressed me: Bump recognized Tiki’s wife right away.

    Hmmm. Should that worry me, instead?

  13. Love the Barbers.

  14. I’m on board. Great surprise. (But why do the designers always seem so surprised that they’re asked to do (gasp!) menswear? As if they’ve never heard of the concept and aren’t WEARING it themselves? That bit is getting old. But I did like this week’s twist.)

  15. I never caught the Project Runway bug, but Inside the NFL? Oh yes. I’m still not sold on Tiki as an analyst yet, but he and Ronde can light up a room with their smiles. Big fan.

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