It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Indeed it is the most wonderful time of the year.

beer bucs sierra nevada celebration ale sarah goon squad

I love December. It’s got everything – football, Christmas, my birthday, playoff football, special holiday beer, lots of cheese, bowl games, Christmas music (not the radio crap, but the classical stuff that makes Gabe nuts), excuses to buy expensive wine, New Years Eve parties…

December is my favorite month.

Oh, and if you are a moron that doesn’t understand the mirror/camera/blog picture concept, it might also look like this:

mirror image bucs beer

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  1. Yay for cheese & holiday specialty beers! and wine. I love December also.

  2. Does your husband know you’re posting pictures of your chest for all the interweb to see?

  3. Word.

  4. Your hooters look awesome, Chesti, and that’s not even the beer talking.

    Hey, how much of that do you have? Tuesday happy hour at Sarah’s?

  5. I like December too. Different reasons. Well, not all. Some reasons are the same. Hey, they have special holiday beer in Norway too.

  6. Must finish anniversary ale to make room for Christmas ale.

  7. did anyone else notice that the two pictures are actually two DIFFERENT pictures… not mirror imaged pictures…

  8. Try a good Wisconsin beer like New Glarus Spotted Cow. Mmmm. Beer, brats, and tailgate parties…

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