Seven MORE Things About Me (Plus Bonus iTunes Meme)

Amy at Tastes Like Crazy tagged me for the seven things meme. Yes, I’ve done it before. I may even do it again.

1) I don’t know how many of you love “Arrested Development” the way that we do, but you are, you may be the only people that will understand this. I’ve been trying to get the kids to tell Gabe “No, it’s me – Gene Parmesan.”

2) One of my favorite words is stigmata.

3) The other day I watched the movie “Becket” and I Peter O’Toole reminded me of Brad Pitt.

4) We have an unusual rule in our house: No Dancing in the Shower. We have to have this rule otherwise Ian would fall down every time he bathed standing up.

5) I am reading Dune and it makes me thirsty.

6) I seem to be competing for the world record of for the person who does the seven things meme the most times.

7) I love to know what people have on their iPods. I love it so much that I could not resist this iTunes meme:

iTunes Meme

I saw this over on Kate’s blog and I was so curious about what my answers would be I decided to just do the thing myself. (Yes, I know I am a dork.)

Now, keep in mind that I share my iTunes with somebody, so if it is really super lame (and not opera) let’s just assume it is Gabe’s music, okay?

How many total songs?
18869 songs. 47.9 days worth.

Sort by song title – First and Last…
A*s Clown – Ministry and Jello Biafra
? – Outkast (if you don’t like that answer, please accept 9th Wonder (Blackitolism) by Digable Planets)

Sort by Time – Shortest and Longest…
Digustipated – Tool, 1 second
Blue Collar Comedy Tour – Larry the Cable Guy, 1:13:31
(Longest actual song is MX – Deftones)

Sort by Album – First and Last…
Abbey Road – The Beatles
Yo Gabba Gabba – It was an EP that Nick Jr. sent me

Sort by Artist – First and Last…

Top Five Most Played Songs…*
Roaches in the Sink – Alice Donut, 101 plays
7 Words – Deftones, 97 plays
Killing Zone – Rancid, 97 plays
Carry On – Common Rider, 94 plays
The Air Near My Fingers – The White Stripes, 92 plays

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 120, Death: 232 , Love: 800, You: 2057, Home: 170, Boy: 578, Girl: 388

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
Bounce (Let me See Ya Throw It) – Busta Rhymes
Velouria – The Pixies
She’s Leaving Home -The Beatles
What More Can I Do -The Zombies
Shelter From the Storm – Bob Dylan


I won’t tag anyone, but I know a few Daddy Bloggers who could make an interesting post out of this.

* Gabe wanted me to stick a note on here to tell you something important. Our playcounts are very skewed by the fact that our iTunes was completely wiped out and restarted in August. All of those counts are from August until now.

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  1. I also share an iTunes with my husband, whose tastes overlap by about 30% with mine, maybe less, and my son, who has many Music Class CDs. I’m not sure my play counts would be accurate, since I also have iTunes on my work Mac (I’m using it to play the Christmas & Classical/Big Band playlist right now), albeit with a much smaller install of music. I suppose I could add the numbers from both machines. :-)

  2. Um… do I count as a ‘Daddy Blogger’ since I was one… then left… only to come back a second time… then left again… only to come back again…

  3. But of course, I’m not interesting enough.

  4. OK, forgive a total newbie blogger. I had to ask somebody. How does the whole “tagging” thing work? Email? Post a comment? Call someone out on your own blog? I feel a little dumb, but hey, I’ll never know if I don’t ask.

  5. I am so totally doing that iTunes meme…

    Yo Gabba Gabba huh?

  6. First of all, Dune rocks.

    Second, rather than doing the obvious, intelligent thing and doing the iTunes meme on my blog, I’m going to do it in your comments:

    Total Songs: 24004, 65.9 days

    Song title first and last:
    ‘A’ Train Lady – Mink DeVille
    – – Pelican (apparently a “-” is the end of the alphabet)

    Time, shortest to longest
    Untitled – Hot Hot Heat – :04
    As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 10 – 1:16:37
    (longest actual “song” is 45:33 by LCD Soundsystem)

    Album, first to last
    A.M. – Wilco
    † – Justice

    Artist, first to last

    5 most played***
    “Crumble” – Dinosaur Jr.
    “Take Pills” – Panda Bear
    “Imitosis” – Andrew Bird
    “Here Comes the Phantom” – The Clientele
    “In the Morning” – Junior Boys

    *** This isn’t even remotely accurate over lifetime, as I reset all my playcounts during the big ‘project’ this summer

    Sex – 117
    Death – 88
    Love – 1393
    You – 2871
    Home – 242
    Boy – 808
    Girl – 426

    First five songs on shuffle:
    “How I Could Just Kill a Man (Live)” – Rage Against the Machine
    “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)” – Robert Palmer
    “Alex Chilton” – The Replacements
    “Hat and Rabbit” – Page France
    “On a Monday” – Detroit Cobras

  7. Now I wonder why Disgustipated didn’t come up on my iTunes for the shortest song.. hmmmm… *runs off for Prison Sex*

  8. I’m a fan of anyone who has played “7 Words” 97 times. I first saw the iTunes meme over at L.A. Daddy’s blog and I have posted my answers at Pop Rocks. Except my list reflects more of our daughters taste in music. Great list!

  9. I’ll totally have to do that. I doubt mine will be quite as eclectic as yours though.

  10. Regarding #1:

    I just have one word for you: analrapist

  11. Tempting…

  12. “They’re illusions, Michael. Tricks are what whores do for money. Or cocaine.”

    We try not to say it in front of the child, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

    (Thanks for stopping by for the Jesus-YMCA pic. It still cracks me up.)

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