You Will Never Believe This

Happy Chanukah. I guess this special is for non-practicing Jews?

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  1. Boy, how did they ever find a kosher pig? 😉

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me!

  3. In college, two Muslim Turkish students went to the cafeteria the first evening of Ramadan to pick up their pre-arranged box of meals. They were given ham sandwiches…True story!

  4. Oh dear Lord. That’s like funny and also just sad. It makes me think of Leno’s Jay Walking spots. Funny, but sad.

  5. I just spit my drink all over the screen. But it was totally worth it – that was hilarious!

  6. Good one, Sarah. I put it up on Linkateria too.

  7. Oh Sarah, didn’t you hear…?

    Also, I swear my Jewish boyfriend is using me just for my ham and bacon connections…

  8. The best part is that this happened at a grocery store in New York City (Balducci’s), where, you’d think, someone working in the store would have had enough contact with Jews to know better.

    Official apology:

  9. i was going to say, i posted back to whomever you linked to that was so upset and told them that a bag boy did it. i heard it on the radio this morning. just a stupid teenage kid that didnt know any better. he was probably putting Hanukkah signs on everything, the ham just happened to be there. no reason to have a cow. wait. that’s not right. but anyway, seriously, has anyone else ever made a mistake? as like a teenager? no? well then screw them cause i sure made mistakes as a kid! i make mistakes every day. it wasn’t done maliciously. good grief. and i’m not saying you’re upset, the person you linked to sure was though.

  10. i heard about this on the radio this morning. i think it’s hilarious!

  11. I remember one time I was at a wholesale shopping club and they had the bacon placed right next to the Hebrew National Hotdogs. I explained they should move the bacon to a different location. The manager agreed completely and apologized. Then he asked, “But the Jimmy Dean sausage is okay there, right?”

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