Just ONE of the Reasons 3 Year Olds Probably Shouldn’t Watch Futurama

The bedtime ritual in the House of Goon Squad involves bathing, the brushing of teeth, the putting on of pajamas and then watching a TiVoed episode of “Futurama“.

It is fun for the whole family. All four of us like this show.

Most of the time, even though the humor might be a little bit over there heads, most of it isn’t too inappropriate. Except for Bender repeatedly saying ‘bite my shiny metal ass’ there isn’t that much that a three year old shouldn’t be seeing.


So last night I let them watch an episode called “Xmas Story“. This particular episode features the Evil Robot Santa.futurama_evil_robot_santa

He is a little bit scary and it could easily crush their Santa fantasies forever.

(Of course, I’ve always felt sort of weird about lying to the kids about there even being a Santa, so if they found out there wasn’t I wouldn’t be too crushed.)

They didn’t seem scared at all when we watched the show.

When the show was over and we were getting ready to go to bed Ian said to me “I hope Santa doesn’t try to kill me”.


So I explained that there wasn’t really an Evil Robot Santa and that was all in the future anyway.

Oh yeah, and it was just a cartoon. 

I’m really not that good at this parenting thing. 

(I got this picture by Birdbot form here)

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  1. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    HA! Futurama’s the best. Have they seen the one with the giant Amazon women and the ‘death by snu-snu’? I think that’d be a great way to teach the goon squad about the birds and the bees.

    Zapp: ‘We need rest. The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised.’
    Amazon Chick: It time snu-snu!

  2. Ian kills me. I really heart him so much.

  3. Well that’s one way to stop the incessant whining about Christmas Eve not coming soon enough.

  4. heeeee. Shortman (shhhh!) is getting Futurama seasons 2, 3, and 4 for Christmas. I can hear him cackling now.

  5. You feel BAD about lying to them about SANTA? What else are we going to threaten them with? I hope he never learns the truth!!

  6. We love Futurama in my house too! My beau calls me his “smizmar” and often refers to having “snu snu” dreams about me. Just not the end result, thank goodness. Silly boys.

  7. And I thought Santa was creepy because he sees me when I’m sleeping and know when I’m awake. .

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